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Let's be besties.

I'm an anachronism. I like not making sense. I enjoy kistch, theatre of the absurd, old horror movies and spooky dolls.

I draw comics when I get ideas, which is sometimes.
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    Zelda Frankenstein
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This week's special guest star: Their Actual boss
I've had Griffin as a character design for like 5 years but I haven't used him at all for some reason??
Anyway yeah ad people get really cool offices in real life and that kind of makes me want to work in advertising.
Too busy/tired to do backgrounds this week.
This week's special guest star: Shaz not actually being the last of their species.
Yes, breatharians are still a thing, apparently, and we should make fun of them more, since making fun of vegans is kind of played out. Also because vegans have never killed anyone that I know of.
This week's special guest star: Satan?? I don't know who that is. I drew that guy and I don't know.
This is another one I kind of forgot about for a long time for some reason. I'm going to try and have more jokes involving Camille in the future, because she really is a piece of shit and I love her.
Edited on 7/3/16 because I forgot to put in Camille's lisp what the hell
@AmyOf Darkness: or perhaps a hydra agent who just scored a touchdown?
This week's special guest star: an honest attempt to draw facial hair
Murray's such a goddamn wiener that sometimes I forget that when I see guys who look like him in real life I immediately turn around and walk in the opposite direction.
This week's special guest star: Me, failing to complete things by a self-imposed deadline
Alternate Title: why does nobody google the muslim holidays

I meant to finish this yesterday but I had to pack because I'm going on holiday and won't be back until January. I will colour and update this as soon as I can, pinky promise.
This week's special guest star: My boyfriend and this gross intestine creature I made for a character rigging class
Also mothman, just because he's easy to draw.

This page layout was hastily scribbled into my moleskin like six months ago and for some reason I didn't even put it into the computer until this week. It's a great gag, though. Glad I used it.

Anyway yeah, the two other members of the creative team are Henry, my boyfriend of one year as of the day I drew this (the 15th), and Chantrea, who is a character I created for a modeling and rigging class based on a Thai/Cambodian myth about a blood sucking monster that is just organs, a spine and a head. If you wanna see her in her original 3D form, this is it.
Also for the record, Henry doesn't wear glasses or have tattoos, but I felt like I had to make him look like someone who works in graphic design for the sake of visual cohesiveness.
This Week's Special Guest: Laziness
I felt bad for not touching this comic in ages. It's up to you if this comic is chronologically straight after Sickie or if Murray just got the flu again because he didn't learn his lesson.
This week's special guest star: Camille being in a different outfit for once
I've been drawing Camille with straightened hair forever because I wanted to wait until I had absolutely nailed drawing her with natural hair. I am frequently unhappy with how I draw her hair so I needed to be 100% into how I drew it when not straightened.
enjoy this comic. I know it's not Sunday but I was busy on Sunday.
This week's special guest star: punchlines my boyfriend came up with
Sorry about the late update, I had assignments.

This is probably the single most disgusting comic I've ever drawn and I kind of like that. Writing the word 'BARF' in vomit letters is one of the more fun things I've done for Bloody Urban, and I'm really proud of my apparent ability to draw people who are covered in bile.

Also the rotating pronouns are a thing now. I feel like everyone recognises Shaz's genderfluidity but unless told to do otherwise Shaz's male friends call him a 'he' and his female friends call her a 'she'.
This week's special guest star: updating on a Sunday like I keep sayng I'm gonna do
Happy St. Patrick's Day! For Tuesday!
I have been wanting to canonically establish that Shaz isn't any specific gender without having to go back and change his pronouns because I have retconned this comic to hell and back and I think that confuses people. (I mean there are maybe two times anyone in-universe has actually referred to him with gendered pronouns so if I wanted to use different ones I think I could?? )
Anyway I found out that the quickest way to establish that a character is queer without clunky exposition is to put them in a MOGAI-themed Zazzle shirt. Also lipstick.
Fun True Science Fact! There are like 4 vertebrates that have green blood. The stuff that makes the blood green is an enzyme that destroys your liver if you have too much of it in your body so protip: if you ever find a samkos bush frog, don't eat it.
This week's special guest star: laziness
It has been a very long time since we've seen Libby. Thankfully she is possibly the easiest character to draw out of my main cast, so I can still draw her after all this time.

I really like posting these kind of simplified comics, it's a nice change of pace sometimes.
This week's special guest star: Shaz's monster form
This is the noise that Shaz is making at them, by the way:

Hyenas make some absolutely horrific sounds.

I like giving Shaz occasional sane friend moments because I feel like these three all just kind of mutually baby sit each other. Because they're babies.
I know it's actually Wednesday but I don't care, It's Tuesday somewhere.

I remember having a whole lot of issues with this one at the time I was drawing it. Like I accidentally didn't save or Photoshop crashed and all I had of the last 3 panels were a WIP screencap I'd taken, so that made this hard to fix. But I managed it, I kind of traced over the screencappy bits and made them look nicer.
It's actually shocking to me how much better my old comics would have looked if I had bothered to add shadows and highlights to the characters.
This week's special guest star: finishing art while slightly hungover
I'm back on it. I'm back in the game. After weeks of not touching this comic at all I am once again going to draw funny sequential art and put them on the internet for your enjoyment.
I drew the layout about a week ago, did the background, text and some of the inking yesterday and the rest of the colouring today, while extremely worn out from new years eve celebrations. I also tried something new with the text formatting in this strip. I kind of might like it better than the old way I did it.
If you want to read the noticeboard, go here-
This week's special guest star: fixing old bad art
I really went into this just wanting to redraw the last panel because of the fact that I'd redesigned both Shaz and Jenna since when I first published this strip, but then I kept noticing things about it that were just really awkward and needed fixing. I re-positioned the panels, recoloured the text and gutters and I redrew Murray's head on the third panel (I also recoloured his hair in the first one)

So there you go. I might start redrawing/tweaking a comic once a week if I can be bothered.
I kind of drew this all freehand so if they look off model, that's why.
Anyway yeah. Discovery Channel is going to show a TV special where a guy gets eaten by a snake and I'm upset about it.
This week's special guest star: australian pizza chains
I had a lot of writers block for a while but hopefully I'm over it now.
This week's special guest star: other people's OCs
Yeah. The two girls were originally random people, but in the sketch phase my friend thought they looked like her and another friend's OCs so I was like 'that gives me an idea'.
This week's special guest star: influenza virus
I think this is a friendship that everyone needs. You need the kind of mate who will not question your motives when you hand them a jar containing your tonsils.
My favourite thing about this strip is the lobby of their building. It's based on a very fancy building I walked into once when I forgot where my car was parked.