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But I had some amazing sex with a slab of butter on a piece of bread, so I guess this gives me some credibility.
The fate of this comic and etc dramatic headers

I started this comic when I was around fourteen. I'm twenty now. I'm going to be spewing a load of shit about a comic that has only ever reached a maximum of 30 pages from this point forth, but if you're bothering to read this--I guess someone might be interested.

Despite not having remembered the existence of this for years, I thought about (writing) this pretty hard last night. There are a lot of things I thought were good that embarrasses me to look at or think about now, but with the amount of years I have spent plotting everything out, a lot of things have been planned. I've thought out practically every reason of motivation behind everything a character does, all his rationale, thorough pasts, the details of his subconscious and its justifications--main characters, minor characters, everyone.

I was going to draw something to validate putting this as a comic page, but just don't have the time right now, so, picture explanation: I've actually used Ahren's design in my university project last year because of how close his character had stayed with me. That's what's going on in that picture--it's him in a game. This year, I'm going to be using the designs for his parents for another project--they're barely even featured in this comic, but I've spent so much time planning everyone's minute details that I've actually forgotten where they had originated from, and how scarcely important they were in the context of the source. I'm realizing now that this sounds kind of pathetic; loving something that started off when I drew a random picture over six years ago and decided to attach a half assed plot to it, but it's grown so huge over the years that in a sense, I'm glad I was such a lazy fuck for it to all be properly planned out and refined.

Laziness aside, there was one thing that was always stopping me from progress: the opening. I could never get it down. I'm just pretty shit at intros in general it seems; every time I have inspiration to write something, it's practically always a scene in the middle of something big, and now I've accumulated all these heavy middle scenes that aren't seeing the light of the internet because I just can't get the opening out of the way. I have it all written out, but reading it again--I don't like it. I don't think I really liked it even when I was writing it.

If there will be an update in the future, I don't know whether I'll revamp it again or just continue on. I still really like most of what I've got in 1000+ lines of plans, and I really want to share them someday--actually had a dream about finishing and publishing this once, ha--but unfortunately, what I don't have is the drive. There are too much other things going on that I also really like, that I've also planned the shit out of; my passion's not all here, and I currently don't have time to act on any.

tl;dr I am happy beyond words (look at the amount of text I attempted) that people enjoyed this while it lasted. Big words for 12 pages, but hopefully, it'll continue again--not now, but one day. And it will be awesome.

Also I hope my professor doesn't see this picture.
This certainly didn't take ten years to go up.

~*Overreaction*~ and everything else will be explained soon.

ShadowNya - Yes ;_;
<sub>So I had this page done for the longest time, then forgot that it happened.</sub> W-wait a second I FORGOT TO DRAW THE TOP PANEL


But whatever it's not obligatory anyway. Everything is everywhere on this page it's disappointing but hey, no glowy effect this time. I don't even know anymore.

ShadowNya - In a good way bb? ...But no really why.
Hisui-Hyena - Thank you! I'm very glad you like it~ :DD
Viiraru - Thank you so much~
<del>Woah I uploaded something before waiting another two months.

...So what am I doing wrong here, why does the shading/texturing look like shit. I don't get manga shading--some people don't add shadows at all and things look amazing. And paneling hjklsdfghasfd what am I missing here. Thicker lines/black shadows? I'm shading this like how I'd shade a coloured picture, which is a bad idea but. I don't know. Okay what.

Ahren would like to learn how to say 'cool story bro' in Wapanese. On the topic of wapanese, pretend that's what the ID card is in.

Kuro Kokoro - Thank you ;_; The drawings are okay but the shading is just fail lol, idk. But thanks for the assurance ♥
tattered00wings - I'm crying ;_; But thanks for...wishing you could help lol. Much appreciated ♥
ShadowNya - Indeed |
SafireCharmz - ~D


Also I ate balls today. They weren't that good.

In England - I'm born before 1996 too lol, don't feel old bb~
captain pork - He's 16 now despite what the prologue says, so 2012. Check the 'validity' part of the card lol, "2012-2015". Then again the whole card could be bullshit since you should doubt he goes to a girl's school.

lol continuity. Because it's confusing: in the last page, Socks hoisted Dress up by the collar, then punched him in the stomach. Dress holds said stomach in badly illustrated pain, but then gets grabbed again and slammed into the wall. The end.

Page came late because once again I was disgusted every time I looked at it. I need to find a new way of shading that doesn't look like shit but takes forever >_>

The good news is I've been planning to the max about the plot/characters/everything, so bad paneling aside everything is going to make sense and there will be no plot holes. That I know of, at least.

baeduxai - Haha, thank you! Better dialogue coming up soon.
Darzell - That line, it is nothing. It's in the category of the least epic things he says. I'm glad you liked it though :D
In England - Heh, I hope to write more epic lines then :D
Action lines fail.

H-holy shit guys thank you so much for 702 fanssssss and now I give you this boring page. Oopes. B-but seriously man I mean it you make me feel so special ;_;

Semi-relevantly, I've been working on a game that uses a scene from here (a scene that will occur probably after a hundred pages because I'm slow). I need voice actors for Ahren--the kid beating the shit of the kid in the dress/holding the cheese grater on the title page/look on the character page. Info is here if anyone's interested. A-and just thank you all once again ajndklasdasd I love you okay.

NessaSempai - Thank you :DD
Raisarose - The beginning sequence with the main character splattering will be explained towards the end of the comic, but the crap with the scientists and spurting blood should be cleared up very soon. Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm glad you like it~ :DDD
Nightmares_Creature - The older version had no plot until after I'd already drawn twenty or so pages lol, I tried incorporating the plot into it but it didn't work out, therefore the revamp. I'm very glad you're liking this one! Glad you like Ahren too haha :DDD
ShadowNya - Oh bb. ...I didn't even know there were update alerts on smackjeeves so eh.

Pages: 7
Main character death count: 3

/Yesss/, I'm actually excited to do the next page, where the main character stops dying and actually carries on some sort of life. Hopefully will be awesome.

ShadowNya - And you still make me cry in happiness~
Megaultima - Hurray! I'm very glad you like it :D
Kokkoii-Matoku - B-bbbb thank you so much for the flattery ;__; Glad you like it!
HiderChan - Definitely. Got four final projects and four exams though, so maybe in a few more weeks. >_>
Kamichama - Glad you like it! :DD Haha, awesome :D
aditzylovergirl - Too much more. I won't be able to finish until eighty decades later.
I AM DYING yeah so five months wait and you get a shit page. I aspired to do something about this, but every time I get the motivation to draw/change this page my interest immediately turns into disgust upon just looking at it. Hopefully the next page won't turn out to be shit and take 10000 years. :|

ShadowNya - B-bbbb I love you ;_; lolol it look three years to get up thirty something pages, delete them, then put up six like a dipshit :|
YOUR STALKING, IT MAKES ME HOT HURRRRR b-but seriously thank you ;____;
O-oh bb ;_; Not this page lolol (even though panels do need work here), the next page which hasn't been uploaded yet. I really hope to finish it soon, seeing as how I said I'd have it up if redrawing didn't work out... :|
I--I'm sorry, but I just hate it. It's a shittier page than page 2. If I can't redo it within the next week or so, then I'll upload the unsatisfactory product. ;_;
W-what is this an update? Within two months?


Did our main character just die twice in five pages :| Also gave him too much arm muscles...oopes. Notice how I can't draw screaming people. :|

ShadowNya - OH BABY eh people just like using sex idioms I guess :O I spam you with gay hearts for making me incredible happy~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ NO COPYPASTE USED.
itachievil97 - Hurray! Thank you :DD
Azureflamekite666 - To the point of death xD Haha, you'll find out~
Kitsune2cute - IT WILL BE CLEAR LATERRRRR at least I think so :|
Hurray did shading. :| Also remembered to put on the shirt text/patterns. Next update shouldn't be that far off, hopefully.

natalie - Glad you like it! :DD I'll definitely try to post on a more regular basis, haha.
ShadowNya - Glad you're happy again xD KISSING YOU BACK ♥
Rio210 - Hurray! :DD Thanks for the flattery~ ♥
DramaticHorses - TAKE A GUESS, IF IT'S RIGHT YOU'LL WIN SOMETHING virtual... :D Thank you~ Yes, it did indeed xD
IT'S A TRANNY. Three pages and the main character is dead. Also END OF CONFUSING BORING PROLOGUE WOOHOO.

But. ...Why. Are they numbering my pages for me. I can't even have a page 0? And why are they giving me 'chapter' folders if I can't move old pages into them :|

Relevantly you might have to turn up the brightness for this one (because you totally didn't already figure that out). Next pages should be brighter...maybe. Hopefully.

Also, crappy rain effects. And blood, for that matter. ;_; If you know how to make a better version of any of those, please tell me~

BananaMuffinPop - O-oh bb ;_; Thank you~ :DDD
Arison - Glad you like it! :D I mostly drew this on 3 for brightness and 18 for contrast, hopefully your settings weren't any lower than mine. xD
Sabriel19 - Hurray! Thank you :DD
ShadowNya - I'm happier than you are that you're happy :DDD
Mozzie_san - <del>What does 'disappointed that you started' mean? Anyway thanks for the best wishes :D</del> Ohh well then, at least it's going to be a lot cleaner with more sense now xD
OH GODDDDD absolute failure on everything, shittiness EVERYWHEREEE I'm sorry I'll cut myself for you k. ;_;

For all those who are will stay confused until at least a few hundred pages later. :| But it's not very relevant to the beginning or anything so it's not going to make that much of a difference.

Ugh. I will probably replace some panels when I get better at drawing in general. For now though, I hope you can still tell kind of what's going on.

rosie-lol - H-hurray! :DD Thank you for the ego boast, haha xD Glad you like the title page! Thanks for motivating me to update this thing faster next time xD
AlmightyGamer - Is--is that a good thing. D:
ShadowNya - Your excitement makes me happy. ♥
rainbowscribblez - Hurray! :DD What does 'a kit' mean though? :O ...And what if I want a light little love smack :x

Yes, revamp. Deleted all the pages, besides the cover, and--abndjklabklasdads

I have so much inspiration for this it's not even funny. What's even less funny is that none of that inspiration goes to wanting to draw this out :| I'm going to try to work on it nevertheless, so hopefully something good will come out of slaving away :|

If you want to read the previous 33 pages that were deleted, they're here, except they're in the 'laugh' section instead of the main achieves :| It's still canon, I'm just trying to make things less messier (hopefully), and this time I'm actually following a script instead of drawing whatever crap I want :|

S-SO. ...Yeah. :| Sorry for the huge jkalskfhasdf haitus. I will kill myself for you, don't worry.

BananaMuffinPop--Thank you so much! I appreciate you still reading this :D
XIchiUchihaSamaX--Hurray! Glad you're excited :D
ShadowNya--OH BB ♥ Thank you so much for all the compliments! ~D
I'm back. ...Or am I-- *shot brutally*

Remember how two (billion) years ago I said that I had so much ideas for this crap little story? Well now, you've guessed it, I've lost all my ideas and have almost no idea what's supposed to happen. I had a fic on this somewhere, checked it and didn't want to read on because it was so shitty--I may or may not redraw this whole thing. I'm beginning to hate it. Drew this page following the badfic somewhat anyway, for a lack of remembrance on where this thing is going.

This page is dedicated to Emy, who made me remember that I even had another comic and who stuck with this for my two year haitus. Crappy shading is crappy, I'll fix it tomorrow or so but I just wanted to get this page up sooner.

xhahakristinax - Why are you telling me this? :|

And NO I'm not abandoning this project, I have too much ideas for it to just let it die. Big thanks to everyone who stuck by!

Holy crap, this comic is genius.

Is it just me, or does Yorume actually look better in the sparkly pannel? Or maybe it's just the hair. No, I'm not changing it again.

Gah *dies*

AND HUGE EFFING THANKYOU TO SIDHEPRINCEZZZ AGAIN!!!!! And anyone else that volunteered!!!!!!!! <33333333333