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slight errors:
panel 1-2 : "YOUR mother's side..."
olny > only
panel 3 : "Make people around you DISLIKE you, and the people you love, THEY get hurt."
panel 4 : prosses > process
February 21st, 2017
@Yaya-Chan: I'm just glad that there are still some good comics here that don't poof away to taptastic forever (I'm refusing to make an account there!).
February 20th, 2017
omg that duckface xD
Good thing that Shiro is cute enough to make the pic look not too awkward
January 31st, 2017
Into this, faving it <3
cuz smackjeeves said so
@Lul-la: hoorah!
*too flustered to say anything decent*
lol, he really didn't know? xD
so cute
@Nadishko: The funny thing is "Betovering" means enchanted in Dutch, which seemed quite fitting to me xD;;
But I wouldnt have figured it was Spanish though, your first language!
and they're just minor errors you're making, mostly typos it seems ^w^

I'm really ennjoying your comic. (just wanted to point that out xD)
I've always kinda wondered about this but, is your first language Dutch? I mean with the title Betovering, I just figured.

Panel 1: Oh...yeah the burns weren't real.
panel 4: powerful ==> 1 l, unless it's powerfully
last panel: It's for the purpose...
and I think you wanted to write spell? (sepll)
Hey, I'd ignore such a shark man too if he was invading my personal space like that. On the other hand, I might lose my cool instead xD
*poke poke*
Aw~ Reminds me of the anime/manga Kobato
Do the two of them live far away from each other and which of the two is your favorite?
If you can't tell him, then you have to show him.
oh, so that's why he lies down during these chats
I'm pretty sure Yu is blushing on the other side
lol, he's staring. Me too btw xD
wait wait... the last TWO? Show me yours Yu!!! >w<
0w0 Curious, curious~!
Doesn't look like any ears of some sort...