Hello there,

I'm MegaTuga, a megafanatic ^^
I live in Portugal, where Megaman games aren't around that much, still I liked them and I try to get as many as possible.

Expect some sprite comics and maybe some drawn later because my drawing skills are a bit... questionable...
I'm just kidding. Really. Popup is such a rare thing. I wonder if it was because of it's usefulness that it didn't make it to later games.
Looks like someone doesnt know how easy it is to Sweep someone so hard they catch on fire.
Oh that's a good combo. I never liked the spiders but now I can see a use for that chip.
Volcano. That's a chip I forget it exists. I always think it does the same as LavaCan but I guess not?
Given the fact that you are practically showing a new side of Anetta, I guess it's obvious that it's going to last for a while.
You just barely avoided making the full quote.
@Pharaoh Man:Good. It just makes me stronger.
I predict this is going to be a situation of: "I am not locked here with you. You are locked here with me."
Plantman just wanted his cool flying board.
Plantman just wanted his operator to look cool but he's doing all the cool work...
I'm, pretty sure the explosion itself would count as Fire damage...? meh Anetta isn't the brightest Operator anyway. Or I'm reading too much into it.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: I've played all DS games, so I'm safe on that. it's just that the last time I touched an ace attorney game it was way 4 years ago so I can't remember everything.
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: Well once it shows up please make sure to tell us, k?
@NetBuster: Then... WHAT DOES STATIC DO THEN? I know it is a twister-type chip but I never saw it work! orz
I recall there being several Twister-type chips which make use of panel types to power up so that's also an option.
And I always thought that Static was a useless chip...
Ah. I knew Edgeworth said that someday, I just didn't knew when.
I'm sorry but...
Hey it is the first case (after the tutorial) so they let the players feel less pressure for picking a wrong option.
At least I hope that was the intention.
THE CLIFFHANGER CONTINUES. Also I don't recall fighting Meddy so I never knew what those giant capsules ever did. Huh. Now I know.
Only now I'm questioning Meddy's sanity...