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September 5th, 2012
OMG, love the little eyeball... your artwork is great. I like b/w but if not done just right the pages end up looking either bland and boring or convoluted and confusing. keep the updates coming!
I give up.
thattypos hat should read "webcomics" - darn autocorrect.
Gold Standard!
great story, awesome art! I wish there were more we comics of this quality...
August 29th, 2012
love your art and the imagination that went into this comic (although I cranked up my pad's brightness to be able to appreciate it). it's kinda slow-paced which makes me hope for a very long run... keep up the good work!
August 27th, 2012
red (hot) jokerette
you gotta luv'er... really enjoying this comic.
August 25th, 2012
that look!
omg! Her look in panel #3! I love your artwork! it's beautiful and funny at the same time and you have a real knack for conveying those girls' (over-the-top) feelings.
November 18th, 2010
... or because one word sums it up: AWESOME!!!