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> Try to do something not stupid...then completely fail...and somehow set everything of fire...
July 31st, 2012
Cool. But yeah, you know a game could also make Spoon more popular, if it was a well made one at least.
July 31st, 2012
You ever going to make a RPG/Fighting game based off this? If so, I'll totally help. ^^
> Meh, second Xanden.
> Eat your arm off. This is not a waste of time, but a way to train your fighting skills.
I PM'd all the other judges a month ago, but they have still not responded. If I get nothing in 2 weeks (I have a lot of tests coming up, sorry) I'll start the next match. Thank you all for waiting for so long, and staying in the tournament.
what about victini?
none of them have offered to help
you still havnt drawn me -_-
back in my day we said f*disny'd* this b*americanated*ch
from this picture i have to ask...

did the snake enter the cave?
there will be a delay becuz im buyin photoshop and im gonna wait to post till its downloaded unless another judge wants to make it
k thanks! also could u maybe do some tutorials on the effects that u use for drawing?
hey could u draw my char masuta? it would be a test to draw an overly muscular character
BOOBS must be fixed
stick with the original or have him change forms like yugi oh
i have sent a pm to the other judges for us to decide a winner but if this happens ill kick the persons ass out of this unless they claim extension also if one of you wants to go to the battle feild carry in a dead corpse and put it in the cloning chamber they can be healed
if there not killed of its pretty boring

also check the exact time the last battle post was posted you are about 3 hours late and you coulda pm'd