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SNOW-CONES~!!! :3 I love to draw. I'm a wannabe mangaka that doesn't know how to do lineart, cant afford a tablet and scanner and really wants to learn how to tone. So if you have any idea how to teach this dreamer, please email me :D Rahrahrah..
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i love the first panel >W<
Amazing page so far!
Lol, first time I drank alchohol was because i thought it was Apple Juice. ._. Without knowing, I chugged down the whole bottle..
LOL i made TONS of changes to how i do the pages now xD
And Tatsuya looks different every time i draw him ._.
But, this is how the pages will be from now on though :D
i love how the coloring is soft and pretty and matches the atmosphere. ^^ i adore your coloring.
sorry for the weird page sizes LOL
dble update, yay!~
April 19th, 2011
awww :( poor fudo D:
I love all these genderbends!! <3 this tiana looks surprisingly HOT :o
Finally, I update xD LOL the cover turned out weird.. but ish kk~ Hopefully you won't judge the comic by the looks of the cover ;w; Just so you know:
Tatsuya is the Black-Haired Green-eyed seme;
And Yuuki is the Blue-Haired Pink-eyed uke! Let's hope we authors don't get to lazy to not update :'D
d'aww that looks so amzingly cute!! <333 is that your oc, pinku?? owo
February 4th, 2011
ooh! yay! update >:D D'aww.. poor Fudo. Guuu~ x3
December 28th, 2010
3rd panel, oh~ Fudo so kawaii > w < Lol, page 9, guess its cuz.. Fudo so kawaii~ >//v//<
awwww :D So kawaiii~~
:D i absolutely ADORE your art style > w < shes so prettyyyy~ the way you tone is amazing. :))
December 16th, 2010
yayy!! :D you came back! :DDD cant wait for the nxt page
whos favorite sex postion is 69... GASPU. ITS HISAGI!! X3