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Going to guess his extended stay elsewhere is more likely what's saved him.
Bye Will... </3
Nobody else went back to comment on this, so I'll just note: "willingly" could have been capitalized here. XP
@The_Hyena_King: Adrestia. Definitely Adrestia. Cross can break magic, but Adrestia can kick butt without it.
Heh. Oh, Cross... You found the most belligerent seedling.

(Seedlings found: 2/5)
Oh, quit complaining, she laid out all the pieces nicely and neatly where they wouldn't get dirty. That's a very responsible kind of irresponsible. I'm sure it'll be fine!
Dangit Will. I guess putting him in a cybernetic body is really complicated or something? : /

I was actually just going to say, "is... is that Craig?"
Okay, y'know what. Having finished that intro again, I'm actually more afraid of Alice now than I am of Kinesis. Kinesis at this point is a mostly known quantity, and Alice is not.

Edit: Ah, there it is. Found it, somewhere in Chapter 3. Pretty sure that's the same one. Yay.
Great job, now I have to read all the archives again.

Also yeeg, Kinesis is way more scary in the revised into. (edges away from him)
Pellos dear, prepositions can end sentences by English grammar rules.

The first people to be irritated by that practice were people who wanted English to be more like Latin. They put up such a fuss that people started avoiding the practice just to keep from stirring up their Latin-obsessed nerves.
Keviiiin... go save Meatshield... he's too nice to be stuck in every villain's grasp ever... XP
Winters are lovely in Michigan. Snerk-bahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh man, that's great. You were kidding, right?
"Big strong Flux." Snerk.
Now I just feel bad for Malloy. If there was someone that seemed safe to trust in Asia's world here, besides Adrestia, I'd've said Malloy, rather than Hizrim...
@Mindsword2: She may learn by proxy, but yeah, your point is very valid. And that might well be Hizrim's plan. Make Asia dependent on him, which effectively makes her a puppet.
If I'm understanding this correctly, there's a designed cut into the wood of the floor. The killer set up the corpse precisely so the blood trickles would funnel into the design. Even going so far as to put a tiny catch piece for the hand blood trickle, which could have ruined the neatness of the rest of the floor.
Well I guess Leif's mind isn't going to be all happiness and calmness. Oh well...
Oh geez what did you do Asia?
I'm hugely confused by his proportions.

If Universe Man was Universe Lady, I'd be annoyed but understand that organs don't always exist for ladies... right up until I remembered that a lady with organs draws this comic.

So yeah, now I'm just confused. I'm going with "Universe Man is an alien" until told otherwise.