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June 7th, 2015
Sad part for me is... I know exactly how that woman feels... I've had this happen many times at my workplace
This is super gorgeous!!! Love it!
So cute!!! I just can't not read it! I'm so excited for what happens later in the story :D
Ok... i officially know that in peron, i'm a lot like taiki... just not so perverted haha.
Mint, if i made you cake all the time in all shorts of sizes and shapes, would you lent me live with you?
November 11th, 2011
Oh wow... the sad thing is that I knew a group of girls just like them... its really sad!
Hm? Is it just me or is jealousy arising?
Something tells me she's not going to throw the sheets out...
October 25th, 2011
Oh my goose eggs! If this turned out to be a yaoi scene, I would both die of awesomeness. And be confused at the same time
I love it! That better then riping their hair out! XD
Grrr I hate girls like that! Mel should rip their hair out! Lol
Grrr I hate girls like that! Mel should rip their hair out
so adorable! heheheheeeee!!!!!!!!
it is YOU! hahaha jk.
I LOVE THS COMIC! XD wow i'm being such a dork but who cares? this comic is awesome!
August 8th, 2011
So scary yet so adorable! I couldn'nt ever imagine rasputin angry yet here it is! <3
GAH! I'm so jealous of the perfect looking lines and the texturing, shading and, and the fold in the clothing! this comic is so awesome so far :D
rasputin should buy him a new doll XD
at least you didn't do what i did... i finaly updated one of my comics after 2 months ._.'
awe so adorable! X3