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hellos :o!
I'm fatima
manga gives me cookies ^3^
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this is a new page ppl
I will be redoing (im crazy) every page within the next 2 weeks. im going through a horrible comparing stage . plz bare with me.
eh..not pleased with the page. the inking doesnt look clean/flows. argh. i should practice more.
*sigh*. im loving how my style is changing for the better. I want to keep it consistant in the future so it can only get better for all of you. enjoy ^_^
Page redone
well as i said i would, the page had to be redone (even though im still not pleased with this, but oh well) because of all my benchmarks/taks tests i've been taking, i havent' had much time to update. but now my schedule is clean =)
no, the reason why it says that is because takeo is texting shiori that the girl he's with now is matsuki mai. On the next page, is her thought of it. Thank you very much though=)
Answer for guest
hello guest :]]]
this story updates every weekend''
though last weekend was a little tight, and i have an art competition this weekend. but yeah, its usually on the weekends, so keep in touch :]]
this page took so long :o
hehe very cute comic ^_^
very nice work
i'll fav ^_^
cute cute~
i'll fav
dude, this is awsome!!!
Im faving this one.
i love how you do your tones
i luv your shading!
i dont get it how some people leave our comics when we're too busy to update...(or should i say lazy-thats me)
i really like this one!
youve gotten better!
That's very pretty! I love it-wish i could do that^_^