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Don't mind me. I'm just a wandering soul who arts, plays video games, and reads webcomics that tickle my fancies.
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Looking back at this again I can't help but wonder what everyone involved is doing these days, and if some had a chance to speak with another recently.

It's amazing how long ago this comic was still.
Battle Balls has never looked more intense.
Word of advice from a Graphic Designer, fully vivid rainbow colors are always a nightmare.

But the abomination has finally been destroyed, our eyes thank you for your hard work, Mario.
Just watch, Artemis turned out to be a higher up of Team Rocket all along.
With all due respect, once the Badge entered Magikarp's body that particular matter should have been left alone, heh
I really like that halftone effect you laid on this page. Nicely done.
I have to admit, naming your rival after Dinkleberg is a sure fire way to make you despise him.

Also it's good to have you back, chief,
This is a glorious day, indeed.
I hope you've been doing well, Q!

Also Payton is really taking charge, I love it, haha.
That's a cute Whale Shark there, haha~
Dead? Holy cow, I can't even imagine a future without Payton. D:
I get the feeling this entire battle was just one big, comedic stage play.
I was wandering around SJ and I happen to come across this old gem. I'm glad you're still doing these comics!
To B continued? Holy crap! Also it's fantastic to see this comic completed. Well done, good sir!
Oh good lord this is so true. I always feel so guilty when I want to redo a film just to get a strange ending.
Good gracious, as if this burd couldn't get any better! Hahaha~
The accuracy and relatability of this page is truly scary.
sdaflglsdfagh I love that bird.
Come on, Jock. You should give her a chance!
Ohohoho, I had a feeling that bird had a thing for Jock. xD;