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Ohmygawd! How could she not like Ariel D:
I mean, look at that cute face she makes when mommy says she's weird...and a pet xD
Oh and thanks to momma I didn't have to say that Heather looks like her, 'cause I was thinkin' the same thing here xD
Ladiesssss~ xD Alan too of course xDDD
Damn! I love that woman :D xD <3

Too much sugar? I'm the same with salt somehow xDDD My dishes always taste too salty Dx
Lemonade with milk? O__o Did you do that intentionally? Did it taste good? xD

Well, I finished the fanart somehow...
It's nothin' special at all and it's not colored so...yeah...
But it was fun to draw it :D
Here ya go:

Whooooooohooooo~ xO
Oh my goodness! A new page is on <3333 You saved my day xD and my life xDDD
Oh noooo~ I don't want to make you cry! Please don't D:
As long as this comic goes on everything will be alright! xD
Whoa! I totally want some of that lemonade :D I bet it tastes fabulous xDDD
Oh and you are just too awesome for doin' the other character profiles <333
So when I have some free time I'm goin' to do some fanart for ya :D <333
Hope you won't be too disappointed D: But well, we will see :) <3

Yay for evil shake <3
Ohmygawd! You actually replied to my post! Now I can die happy :D Wait! No! If that would happen I would miss new pages D:Then I will just be happy without dyin' xD
Well, I'm also happy that I made you happy xD If you feel like doin' the other characters profiles than that would be awesome :D Just sayin' ;D
Yeah and I love those girls <3 I totally want to draw a fanart of them <333
Nice page by the way :) As always :D
Alans mom is...well...she's special xD
And Unicorn Backpack for the win <33333
I luv dis page so much <3
Totally love the facial expressions of the characters. So awesome!
Especially Heathers xD and Ariel always looks so cute <3
The names fit so well. Nice choice. And ohmygawd they are together?! Yay!
That is awesome! <333
I like those two so much. After all I like every character of your comic so far Dx
Alans Mommy's so cool xD Totally luv her accent xD <3 And those two hugging is damn cute as well xD

By the way...
dunno why, but I felt like reading the character profiles for the first time and what I read there was like 'ohmygawd' xD
Now I can imagine what Mommys reaction will be like xD
Can't wait for the next page x3