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Hello Hello!
My name is Patrycja and I live in Poland (this is not that small country next to Germany xD). I like to draw. I draw since I remember. My mum says that when I was 2 I drew the SUN! >w< Second thing that I really like is, or rather are computer games. I love them. Aand I like to read fantasy books :3 Currently I am reading The Witcher written by A. Sapkowski and it totally hooked(?) me in xD I recommend it to all fantasy lovers :)

When it comes to drawing you can visit me on my deviantart account:
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This is brilliant
Oh god, your comic is just amazing xD I found it in 2011, then stopped because I've read "all" and now I returned and see you are still drawing this! I was so surprised! And I loved so much the part with Atty becoming a Rocket on that bridge. It was just Epic, and I felt that strange feeling, like deja vu or something like that. GREAT work <3
I like that dramatic dialogue in 6th panel... U___U
November 30th, 2010
and meeh too ... I mean banner of course >D
poor Joe is poor U.U
November 24th, 2010
where's his hand!? DD: How he could play guitar nao! D:

Oh! or make him super automail! then I will be pleased >D