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A Heaven Dragon that never knows up from down but understands everything in general... he swifts from one dimension to the next... ever wondering...
is he sane is he insane? no one knows... he is for sure crazy... perhaps, Look in to my patch-work eyes and tell me what you see?
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    That is my name, deal with it~
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Aww they are SsoooOo CUTE!

And happy to see Rat is still alive. :)
oh my
I hope Rat is still alive... :(
I hope she follows him forever~ xD *mew
haha epic~ this is Soooo
how real life works, anyboud who care not care less get what you want without trying~

Also not seen ya on MSN lately? *mew
Nice page :) *mew
Come on DT you can do it!
Go super DT and beat that gator's butt :3 *mew