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My god, what have you done... O_O
Have you seen how to train your dragon hidden world?
Uh oh, that's not good... O_O'

Also welcome back! <)
Happy 20th Birthday! :D
0_0 I don't know about you but thats so hard core right now...
Ok... Lets try this question. Vespera which one do you like male dragon class.
It create planets and living life forms like a god, somewhere in space.
I have a question to Vespera, have you meet Cosmos Dragon? (if it was real)
Oh this can't be good, he is gonna kill them... 0_0
Great job with the colors yamilink :)
@witswithme: Oh now I get it, thanks. :)
So whats Time Eater saying in English?
What's wrong with Vas, is he having a sad day? :(