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Uh oh, that's not good... O_O'

Also welcome back! <)
Happy birthday to me and I can't believe I became 25 years old for the first time!
Happy 20th Birthday! :D
0_0 I don't know about you but thats so hard core right now...
Ok... Lets try this question. Vespera which one do you like male dragon class.
It create planets and living life forms like a god, somewhere in space.
I have a question to Vespera, have you meet Cosmos Dragon? (if it was real)
Oh this can't be good, he is gonna kill them... 0_0
Great job with the colors yamilink :)
@witswithme: Oh now I get it, thanks. :)
So whats Time Eater saying in English?
What's wrong with Vas, is he having a sad day? :(
Uh oh... 0_0'
Watch out villains the nightmare king is coming!
Here it is Dlangirgas the Leader of Cross Skull ready to hunt the villains down in the faces of the earth, he is the villains nightmare and he will take out for them one by one.

His sword he has is Demon Sword of Wrath, its very strong and it can not break it, it can only kill and devouring there souls like black heart villains not good guys and hero's.

He was a good friends with Blane Naticha and Xanatos and he trust them for there courage.

Also he was trying to find his family for the long time and now he finely find what he was looking for, and now he has 2 sisters, little sister Ryuko Matoi and twin sister Satsuki Kiryuin.

Hope you enjoy.
If its true what Random _ year old side, I hope.