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Jayde: Hello, Jayde and Alyce here. Some may know us from seeing our work on Diviantart while others have no idea who the heck we are.

Alyce: We are working together on some story ideas that we will put up here and other places, hoping to get as many people's attention as possible. So you can find us on DA here: Which is a joint account of ours where we will have our story "Alyce" which is our own spin off of "Alice in Wonderland.

Jayde: You can also find more of me and my own stories on another one of my accounts Some stories that will be put on this account are ones that my good friend Alyce here helped me with or we had worked together on creating. "Alyce" was just the only story we had decided to create a separate account for.

Alyce: And no, Jayde and Alyce are not our real names as some of you are wondering. We just don't like to give out our real names so on here that is what we would like to be called. Anyways, the first story we hope to put up will be "Alyce" and hopefully many more to come.
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I'm seeing a resemblance in the two with their outfits..... coincidence?
Porn XD Nice
Why must it be the ones that are adorable as children grow up to me mean?
That last part was amazing XD
@02321: Oh but you must keep the suspense there for people to wonder X3 Can't wait to read more!! ^^
Curious!!! So curious now!!!
Only Death XD Epic
Yes! XD
These stories are so cute! Especially the Hades and Persephone one, that one is my faovirte but I love them all! Mainly because I'm big into Greek Mythology and everything but that is besides the point!
That is... adorable... D:
This is why you do not let him get bored XD
Yay for being lazy and taking things from other stories! XD Don't worry, if it where me I would do it too X'3 Though I recognized it right away when I saw it!