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I am jaytail... Aramondii is my friend....
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September 18th, 2015
anxiety that roots from past experiences are the hardest ones to break. I got tied up with duct tape around my wrist and was unable to get out (obviously). It took about two hours and caused lots of friction burns as well as several large wounds that oozed for weeks because of things I rubbed up against to break it.

Of course to my parents (who had done it in order for me to learn when to ask for help) I was stupid and my anxiety from it is punishment but to me the process was could I get out if I was in this situation and alone.

To this day (4 years later) no one can grab my wrist and I can barely handle duct tape. I hope Bianca can help him get over his anxiety with lots of love and care :)
December 26th, 2014
You know, I hate people who think that just because a person has tattoos that they can't be a good parent. Not to repeat a song bird but look at Goeff and Griffon Ramsey from Rooster Teeth. They are the best parents Millie could ever have.
I love this
reminds me of my own relationship! :)
Then hugs and kisses!
I will wait very patiently until you return oh great artist of the yaoi!!!
@Crimson Chains: Two things, i love this comic please never end it, EVER and secondly, the buttons to go forwards and backwards on the pages are the picture with the slash through them. Well, they are like that for me so.... just to let you knowwwwww
PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thank god they arent gonna be together cuz that is incest!)
Little tramp
Idk if you did this on purpose JigokuNeko but that little girl is wearing what looks like mini shorts.... Aka tramps clothes in this weather.

That explains her jealousy too as a tramp can only crush on someone and never find real love unless leaving her tramp life. So it becomes that this crush is too much and she wants Damien all to herself so she has to rid Damien's life of Amazing Ninja girl....

Anyway main point. She is gonna freeze her ass off in that snow and then her whole career is ruined unless she turns back from this life of trampitude
He got lost in dream world. Trust me, it happens, it happened to me today in math class. My math paper is covered with rainbows and idiotic stick people. Honestly I want some tea. *sits down to the tea party with the crazy liberian.*
I want them.... Anyone know where I can get two color eyes???
Obviously he is normal.... I mean he acts like me! :3
Die diet die!!!!!!!

(poor wolfes!)

September 9th, 2011
@angelperez: I wanta feel wanted too. That's why I like this story so much. He is wanted and cared for all the time by shuno and now (finally) kaito is caring too!
Yeah just a little bit of difference. That hair is amazing! Falling just perfectly to cover things and wow.... The camera using the girl to block him and her arm to block her...... Ooooooo this has been thought through.... I wanta see where this goes! Now run back to ur friend/lover guy! Run!
Oh I love your work! Now I have faved every comic u have on here.... Wait let me check again..... Yup every comic. Yes you are just that good.

Now, I think the king wants his consort to be his queen.... What does everyone else think?
Seriously... Why is this dark blue?
Oh ur a sneaky one!
Okay I was terracing the comic today because I love it and ur work Miss. Isadora is amazing. But while on page 30 I caught the slightest glimps of something and since I was on my iPod, I zoomed in. Oh u are a sneaky on you are. For those who don't understand look to page 30 and the panel where Gwen's hand is on his butt. Happy hunting. Ps Miss. Isadora, I love even more since I have found this.
Yeah I kind of like a guys back too. It's strong and powerful, and it is where we (girls) lie our heads (I include shoulders the back).

But three notes: 1. Phoebus looks soo cute like that all, uh, naked.
2. It kind of looks like he is crying cause of his black markings around his eye, I also didn't think they went that far down, (I thought it stayed on his face)
3. Awww, always loved it when a strong person (guy) reaches his hand out to the the weaker one or the girl (but in this case it's a guy but a smaller one) [this that little bump normal for demons to have on their thumbs?]

*nose drips blood* oh noes it's starting! Someone quick give me some yaoi so we can just get the nosebleed over and done with so I dont have to deal with this dripin crap. (see this is what happens when I only get pieces of yaoi in the morning)
What us that on his hand???? An infected wound? *runs to go get a new band-aid and some ouchie medicine that makes it sting*
Ooooooooo.... Can I have a red [well actually I think I would want a green one like Raven from Earl and Fairy] glow in the dark eye? Plz miss awesome magical authory person?