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omg I'm such a nerd gross. this account is gross, what the hell was I thinking.
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AAAAHhhh <33333 I'm so happy that this comic finally revived after so long Q v Q I've been dieing for the part where Maya's birthday comes in <3333 Keep up the good work there! im so excited to see what happens!
im still reading it also Q A Q !!! I'm doing to know how Derek will win her heart or something > A < !!
Bawwwww Q A Q
Why can'[t I wake up to this in the morning?!?! I want a cute neko boy wearing my pajama's next to me in bed! then I would just say I'm late for school cause of the neko boy sleeping in mah bed ; A ; <33333333333
we must have more Q A Q <3333333333333333 this comic is making me come here daily just to see it!!