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Erk! Hi... I suppose. .__.;

I love making paper children, drawing, goofing off, playing video games, reading&writing comics, and writing stories.
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don't think you lost everyone yet but this is getting really depressing very fast o.o
After the last few chapters, it's finally come to a twisted cliffhanger in the end.
This is truly one of the best things I have read in the past few years. Congratulations in the end and thank you. :)
This is so amazing X3
hehehe smoky the bear says only you can prevent wildfires X3
sorry i haven't updated in forever guys, here's a scribble I had done this morning. I have hoped to start the comic this summer... sorry for the long wait ^^;
Yeah, this is a little drawing I decided to do with my Deleter markers on some poster board I did earlier today. Not glad with results, but it's better than nothing :3
I'm sorry sorry SORRY sorry SORRY~!!! My computer has been broken the last 3 months, my mom forced me to study since i was failing one of my classes, graduation for school was driving me nuts, i hate to do paperwork for college (not fun either D: ), and much much more!!

...I'll put up a few things in the following weeks or so.. ^^:
XD Nice way to bring people together
Oh dear... Only if the Hatters knew that them trying to be sneaky isn't working at all...
Pokéballs at the Pokémart: $5
Doing your Laundry in a Nearby Stream: a couple of bars of soap
Shuffling Around in the Tall Grass looking for a Pikachu: priceless ^^
Oh Abraham, just hold onto your seat to hear what outrageous reason you'll probably be hearing from the pregnant... she-male... thingy .___.;
Madison = Cuddliest. Person. Ever. :D
Cheep Cheep
I'm sorry and lazy, i can't think of a good story line for the actual comic. I might just do random updates and such... But i'll see how things go. :/
Sorry guys, just a TINY filler i made a while back before i start putting the pages up....

which i haven't made yet. .____.; i'll start on them after my b-day next week, i promise....
For some strange reason, this pages kind of reminds me of the lion king when Nala tries to eat Timon and Pumba
Happy happy birthday!

as for CA cons, there's some in the bay area like Fanime, AoD in SF, and SacAnime
Sorry for the waits. I've been buzzy with school and lifes D:
Holiday cheer
I hope I get dinner soon, and have a wonderful weekend :)
Hmm, sounds like things are turning for a dramatic sequence :3
This is just a mini-filler before I start uploading the pages for the comic. Just a scribble I had done a few weeks ago.

Kinta (Left) & Ranma (Right) seem to get along on some level, don't they? :D