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Just a random, BL/yaoi fan. :D
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I've been resisting commenting because I just want to scream at Ichi. aojghgolwvp ;n; Ahhhhhhhh. I love this comic! It's fantastic and so emotional.
Ahhh, why is this making me cry? ;A; Oh the suspense!
...I need a hug. ono Let me hug you, Himitsu~!
...I have the sudden urge to pet Mi-chan's hair. It just looks so pettable. ouo''
Many hugs!
Happy late holidays! I hope you are doing ok. :) It's nice to see you updating again even though things are a bit tough. Don't worry about the quality of the pages; they always look great. (ouo)b
To supplement your income, have you thought about possibly doing comissions? You might be too busy... but I would love to buy another picture. :3
Stay warm and healthy! <3
Poor Timothy... No one loves him. ;n; Everyone here is rooting for you, Timothy! Q3Q
...You're kidding. o__o Math teacher and English teacher? No way! I totally paired my math teacher and my English teacher together! xD

Edit: And welcome back! C8 I was super excited to see an update. I hope you feel better. :( No matter what happens, I will continue to stalk you. :3
Holy crap that was two months? o_o I didn't even notice... I'm excited for the normal comic to be returning though. :D
@Can'tremembermehname.: love your comment.
I'm always struck by how awesome your art is. I can't wait to get a book. I already have money set aside. :D
I also have another question about the sketch! Will it be signed?
I've been meaning to say this for awhile. I love Draco's coat. I find the furriness adorable. I want a fur coat too.
Also, I want smack Alain. Actually, I wanted to smack him a couple pages back. The urge died down though, after I read your promise for the $20+plus shipping. It's very very tempting. Hypothetically speaking, could my character of choice be Alain in a dress?
And I thought sensei couldn't get any cuter. I was very wrong. x3
The other side of sensei? Oh man I've been waiting to see his other side. 8D

And welcome back! I'm very glad you decided to continue. ;w;
...Yes Ichi, he had to ask. Because you just tried to punch him. And then tried to run away. -w-''
The last panel is my favorite too. 8D
I'm too excited to comment right now. OwO
I'm not quite sure why but... Draco is looking extra handsome today. Why would that be? Is it because of this new female? You better watch out Alain. <w<
Huh... Now that I think about it, yeah, I like tsundere characters. xD I want to write a story about Takatsuki-sensei now. ouo
Ichi, you forgot sensei. D: He doesn't have an umbrella, remember? >:c What does he have to be early and prepared for? o.O
Takatsuki-sensei! 8D You're kinda a prick <.<'' I love you anyway. x3 I find it a little silly how happy I am that Takatsuki-sensei made an appearance...
And the first thing that popped into my head when I read this page was "Tsundere!" o_O
Don't you feel special Hiddy? A bunch of soldiers, just for you. :D
Horus, why didn't you go for the eyes? I would assume the eyes are the weakest part of the mask.
Alain looks so distressed in his dress. I don't know why though. He looks smashing in it. He would look better if he smiled a bit.