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Nice job on the comic. I'd like to make a cameo as well. But as... oh crap I never thought of this... oh well. I'll give it you later. Keep up the good work.
That text box sure is annoying.
I'm not sure if you're using it yet, but I suggest using Megaman ZX sprites for X. You can use the effects from Megaman X, but the ZX sprites seem to like, ya know... blend more. Or at least use Megaman X sprites for Zero. Make all the characters match (from their respective series) match is what I'm basically trying to say.
Nice job so far.
I can't believe
I can't believe somebody got to say he was Axel before me... and it was just an hour away! It's like trolling from the Internet God.
Kirby's Mouth
I FORGOT TO ADD A TONGUE! NOW IT'S JUST A BLACK WEIRD SEMI CIRCLE! BTW, Mario ends the fight with an epic kick. What happened to Sonic and Mega? Find out in the next one.
The Little Blurb explains it all.
Seriously. The next one will suck, and so will the one after that one, I rushed through them both.
That's right bitches, wait a lil longer for the next part. I have it ready, but Peach and I are trolling you.... JK! I love you all and we are uploading it right now
I'll try I guess. I'll get recoloring.
Talking Fishes
The two fishes are closer to the camera, not big. Get it straight
Luigi is so bad ass, he has no swimming animation
He just fucking moves, nuff said.
Sonic's Last Breath
I wanted to make a comic that tells about the sad tale of Sonic's death in the comic... In the next comic we will find out who made him fall underwater.

[ ]Mario
[ ]Mega Man
[ ]Kirby
From what I can see you are a big Luigi fan. But Luigi has nothing to do with this. Why would Luigi try to separate his brother with his new friends. I promise you however, the green NES Plumber will make an appearance, maybe not in this world...
NOTE: Ballon Fighter will no longer be a Main Hero
I was bored... I needed to do something... Sonic fell by the way.

World 2-2. Here I come!
I am back!
Guess who's back, back again, Lito's back, tell a friend!
The Next One...
Will be animated Flash... I gotta find sound effects!

*starts google searching*
btw the Gray in box 5 is SOnic
So yeah
1. They are talking about how they got stuck there.
2. Megaman is getting his flying Machine Ready
3. Mario "accidentally" ties Sonic in his epic brown rope
4. Sonic is dragged (ofscreen: Sonic hits something and falls)
5. Sonic is a lil ticked
6. Sonic rejoins the party! Nobody has noticed Kirby
7. Sonic notices Kirby!
8. Kirby joins