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Time to type this out finally...D=

Lesse...I'm 18 years old and am a freshman currently attending MICA. I'm going to do my best to major in illustration.
My hobbies are drawing, reading, playing RPG's, daydreaming, and anime. I'm always up for a good story or seeing character designs that just state that they're original.
My favorite novels are "The Thief"(and the sequels) by Megan Wallen Turner, "Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer, and "Ranger's Apprentice".
My favorite video games are the Tales of series, Pokemon Colosseum, .hack//GU and Shining Force.
My current obsession is D.Gray-Man. =D

I can't really think of anything else to say...oO
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Even if it is a hassle, it really had a great effect. Great color job and character design. I especially love her gauntlets. <3

Glad to have you join us Rumorized. =D
Oh wow...that's me IRL...
Or something I'd do at least.

Class president? xD
Thanks for starting us off. =D
Great first page still, even without a fancy schmancy computer program. *claps excitedly*
Now look what you did though...xD
You started a chain. It came very quickly. xD
Mmm...yummy design. ^6
I still love how his fur is green! <3
This comic is pretty nice...the humor has really captured me. <3
As did Yui. <3

Took a look at the character profiles. I'm happy to say I was correct (in my head...>>; ) when I thought the gundam was the Strike Freedom. xD
Ironically, I just finished the 1/60 scale lighting edition model of it a week or two before easter. xD
So the details are still engraved there. >>;

I love how you used interviews to create the character profiles. Gives it a nice original feel. <3
@Princess Of Donutland
I've sent you an invite.
You are accepted. Congrats on being the first female PC. xD
I'm still finishing up his design. ^^;
I want him to have his own original look and I can't figure out what I want his hair to look like. xD
Thank you Noein. I'll have it up as soon as I can.

As for your question to Crimson_Fire, she may not have created her character yet. (As she said, she's not sure if she wants to join yet.) I don't expect everybody to have a character already made for this collab. Therefore, if someone's interested and asks me to reserve them a spot because their character hasn't been created, I will do so and will give them time they need to create one.
If you choose to do so, just send your application to me via PM. If not, thank you very much for considering. <3
Mmmm...please don't freak out at each other already.
Appendagechild, I think this set-up could be popular, because it was originally the GU character poster set-up. Please don't freak out about him using it. I don't want to start a war already. <3
It would be nice if we could get the exact sword as well, but the design is pretty much all there, so I think that's pretty much the basic thing we need. If we get the color wrong or the design Appendagechild, I'm sure Omniblade wouldn't mind adding in the lines.
Welcome to the Collab guys. Remember to have fun please. <3
Good. Would it be alright if we gave him the class of Blade Brandier instead?
It's pretty much a BladeMaster. Just the term used for them in R2. Other than that, everything on your application is good.
AppendageChild was the first to send me a character, so AC became the second author.
There are three games in the GU series. Joining this Collab will release you to hoards of spoilers (probably). Only join if you're willing to take that risk.
No. It doesn't, but the design you can use is limited. I don't want to see wings, antlers, things that are illegal inside the world. Only hackers are allowed those designs, or if you ask a hacker to hack your PC. Also make sure that you use a name that has not been used in the game. So you can't be named Angel Hair, Tabby, Shino, Hideyo, ect.

Try to at least match up the outfit to the character class you choose.
You've got time to decide. =D
Either one would be appreciated. <3
That bites. Dx
That's mostly why I've got it set in R:2 though. The GU games are easy to aquire and you can beat them pretty quick considering how the areas were set up. Finishing everything to the game though is another story...>>;
Thanks. =D
I'm glad that there's any interest at all.
I'll be very happy if anyone actually does apply. xD
Applicant Requirements.
Your applications should have the following information.
-A picture of your character.
-Character Name. (Not used in the game)
-Gender. (Male or Female)
-Guild. (If any)
-Job Class. (If it's Adept Rogue, please list 2-3 classes in the order of your job extension.)

Info about classes can be found here:
Please take in weaknesses/strengths of your class into account when creating your comic.

Please have at least average art skills.

Any information about your character's personality, try to keep it to yourself. It'll be more fun if this could be played like an online game. If your gay for anothers character or something, take them by surprise. Trial and error. xD
Lots of lulz out of this.

Anything else it might need, just talk to me and I'll add it in (if it's needed).
March 3rd, 2008
OH, My, God!!!!
The chickens!!!!!!!!
*gives chase*

That fourth panel is beyond cu~te!
The expressions are awesome.

Have I ever told you I love you. <3
Now....I gotta go catch me a chicken....D=
February 19th, 2008
Nani? You don't like this page?
...but, but, looks awesome. xD
(Especially your toning...
you use manga studio, right?)

Your imagining thinks Orange. Lovely is so not a word to describe me...>> deserve the donator status. ^^
lol. It's about time...^^...joking. I'm gonna keep a regular watch over it now...=P...keep posting.