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I'm Poland's least favourite kid.
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I kinda like the movies and stuff, but I wish the Poke Contests were back instead :<
I love how Nina starts looking more adult in this page. Shows her growth both as a person and a trainer~ and your ever-amazing art style developing! <3
This is definitely the best and most emotionally engaging Nuzlocke comic I've seen so far >w< and I just LOVE your style! Absolutely fantastic job <3
To be perfectly honest, George is one of those people I'd punch in the face, then avoid like a plague x x; personal childhood traumas aside, I am in serious love with this comic. <3
Gengar: "The feelings, they scare me!"

Oh man, I'm really loving this comic so far. Please keep up the awesome work! <3
Wow, I love this interpretation of Squirtle, very original >w< keep up the good work~
Hehehe, it's even better than I expected, hun. >w<
... hot. I had a good feeling this comic's gonna be good~

Don't worry about the frequency of uploads, we'll wait for the awesomeness as long as it takes <3
The FIRE FIGHTERS will take care of that! [/incredibly lame pun]

TEAM ROCKET! Oh god, I didn't think I could ever love this comic more. Now I know I can <333
I hate myself. *Cries*
*Giggles* Blushing Al, how cute >w<
Or there will be no sex for you. <3
Time for some RAPE! XD"
Awwwwww! They are so cute I'M GONNA DIE! <333
Golruk is one of my absolute 5th gen favourites >w< and the very fact it can fly makes it... EPIC.
Like, Gurren Lagann EPIC. *w*

Absolutely love this comic *w*
Gaaaaaaah, why my Nuzlocke sucks so much ; ;

I love this comic, man, so much fun awesome. <3