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I am so glad I found this comic again. I had read it before on Drunkduck..(I think that's what it was) before I got sick of the way the website worked. I am so glad I get to finish reading DE here!!!
For the love of feels!!
I'll just be over here with my teddy bear trying not to always do better than Kubo with emotions.
Holy crap I'm so happy you came here from Drunkduck! *spazzes* I forgot my log-in and EVERYTHING to get back to my favorites (plus my computer hated the site for some reason -.-') so I had been missing this so much! REREAD ALL THE PAGES!!
@grimgloom: Oh gods. Feels..I mean...FEELS.. Possibly one of the most notorious and dangerous of emotions.
Way to remember 'double tap' Ulquiorra
Aw. That's such a sad last panel...though is that who I think it is at the ticket counter?
Okay, am I the only one who thinks this is the exact opposite of what you should do? Something (that's supposed to be dead) banging on the box..Yeah sure let's open it right up....
Oh gods I love Mercielago!
Is is wrong to want to give you a hug?
I swear my mind has set itself to let me know when this updates. I was thinking about it a few days ago and thought 'hm, I think that's updated...naw too soon.' yeah, needless to say that was a few days ago and what happened? FREAKING AWESOME UPDATE! And I shall not be disappointed by this story (I have the main story to do that for me thankyouverymuch!) It's refreshing to know that it will not be your typical story and it has never seemed that way. chest is hurting so much from seeing this!
That creature is really scary but awesome looking. And poor prisoners..they really are looked down upon.
Well considering she did turn into a wouldn't know what to expect. And it would be fine for all the fillers to go in their separate folder. I think that once you do it, it will make you feel better cause they are in a place and not all over.
Poor Grimm!! Go back and save him too!! is spider webbing, just very faintly. Even though I'm sad about Hiddy...I can't help but appreciate the awesomeness of this page.Very well done
Multiple personalities much?
Uhoh..blood is not good at all. I'm guessing the history lesson is going to be done quite soon..
Maybe she should write them down. Then they could pull them out of a hat and handle which ever one they drew.
Sure...THAT'S what you were thinking..I know it would be the last thing on my mind if someone like that asked me to help.
*cheers* Just to let you know, I really, really, REALLY want to steal your talent. How long/much did you have to practice this to get to such a level if you don't mind me asking. And biweekly? Holy crap don't think you have to update faster. Quality over quantity is always better.
EPICNESS!! EVEN BETTER THAN KUBO'S! aka also known as emotions put into the work...