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Well hellu there, readerfriend. C:

There isn't much interesting to say about me, unfortunately. D: -boring- I'm a dweeby amateur artist with an overactive imagination and a tendency for huge bouts of procrastination.

Buuut I love friends and meeting new people, so feel free to interact with me, ask questions, offer advice, or whatever you like.
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Baaassss. <3
That's so sadcutesad jfkdlgd. I JUST WANNA HUG HIM.
The second panel has such cool shading and colors and lineart and emotion, I don't even know.
For some reason, I find Dake's face in the first panel friggin' adorable.
"o ^ o"
Meerkats were my favorite animals evarrr until I turned around 14, and I'd visit them at the zoo almost every week or so, and I think I adopted one.
Needless to say I'm super excited about this arc. CCCx Bas and Tang are so cute in the third panel!

It's so charming and friggin' cute how flustered and obvious Amira is.
Don't you worry, I'm sure everyone understands.
I moved out of home almost two months ago while trying to graduate, and I'm still adjusting and getting all emotional. C': So I know how it is!
I'm glad the comments helppp. I'll try to make more of them, since I kind of disappeared. D8
BUTGOLLY, I had a little mini heart attack when Amira said she diiiid want to, but not so much anymore.. SO THERE'S STILL HOPE FOR BAS. -flailspaz-
This made my day. Ilovethiscomic.
I started wondering what would be on the tapes if not dirty sexiness. Somehow that lead to the principal having weird puppet shows with himself, or a homemade strip show.
I don't know why it was necessary to say that. D8
ON ANOTHER NOTE: In the last panel, there might be a sliiight typo, using "then" rather than "than." I hope you don't mind me poking at it. :'B
Congrats on the 100th strip! :D It's been super fun and adorable and snazzy, and I hope it keeps on truckin' as fabulously as it has C:
Don't Mind My Ramble
All we get is rain here. And a bunch of winddd.

Millie is pretty! I think it's a nice name. c: I wonder what she's think about the girlfriend thing.

Alsooo whenever I go to the smackjeeves profile of this comic where it has the little thumbnail archive thing, I always think the color scheme is so neat how it alternates between the manatees and the people in the real world. xD One has blues, greens, and pinks, and the other has oranges, yellows, and touches of other things. I like ittt.
I feel sorry for Gra'an. xD
It's like they just burst out guns and start flailing around James Bond-style on a regular basis. You sillies.

Edit:: Also, in the incentive, it looks like Jack is saying "THIS. THIS IS A FUCKIN' SHOE." Or I'm just weird.
This strip is cute but funny. xD I'm glad you can laugh with your work once in a while. C: It's a nice feeling when you can look at something you make and be all proud of it or like it.

Body language is the language of the WOORLLDD. And love. And math. Or so I've heard.

I can imagine the sound that poor stranger manatee is making. xD Although I wouldn't know how to interpret headbutting other than when my cat does it and wants to play.
March 22nd, 2011
No problem! C:
You can never be too old for Spongebob. NEVERRR.
I swear my friends and I still do the "LEEDLELEEDLELEEDLE" thing Patrick did, in that Flying Dutchman episode a while back, every once in a while.

xD I'm sorry, Tarantula. If it's any consolation, I'm going to end up hearing Squidward's HONKING LAUGH every time I read Newguy talking/scolding. Which will be kind of hilarious.
March 22nd, 2011
On a more random note, Mr. Newguy's nose reminds me of Squidward. Lulz.

I read this comic for the first time yesterday, from start to finish, and I just wanted to say that I think it's pretty awesome. Cx Your style, the character personalities/development, the pink toning, and everything makes it hard not to favorite or keep coming back to. It's different, refreshing, cute, and edgy simultaneously. Great work! :]

I hope I can comment on pages from now on, even though I don't usually have anything useful to say. xD And congrats on your temp job! c:
The incentive made me snort. It was embarrassing.

On another note, I used to have the same stomach thing, and it went on for about four months-ish. Doctors, as with Senynith's case, had no idea wtf. D: We were wondering if it was IBS, but nothing was conclusive, but it went away after a considerable amount of time.
So I can relate to how much it sucks, and I really hope it all gets better!
Was that a reference to that DotDotDot animation? xD
I'd imagine that game would be pretty awesome if fish were willing to cooperate. xD Like a Little Mermaid thing.
Or the only time most people would want Aquaman's powers.

As far as holidays, the most famous one is St. Patrick's Day on the 17th, but this website has a bunch of other random holidays for each day that are interesting or dorktastic. C:
And they all lived happily ever after.
Except for Herz, who got curbstomped.
February 10th, 2011
The second panel's perspective is really great. C:
And I never considered that theory, Hansel. Interestinggg.
I considered it being like, her going through what would happen in the shooting to place herself in the situation in order to deliver the speech better. Among other scatterbrained thoughts.
February 5th, 2011
These comments made me laugh. xD
I really like the way Zoe's eyes look in the third panel, too. And the whole scene in general.
The only thing I'd noticed was that the second panel doesn't have much action effect that suggests she pistolwhipped him like a badass.
January 30th, 2011
Well I'm glad it's not just me!
Or, in worst case scenario, we can be slow-buddies. :B
Holy Screaming Bars of Soap
I love this comic. That is all.
-helpful input fail-