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I'm a artist of most trades from New Zealand. I've been working on Realm as a manga idea since 2004 and am still developing it. However, Zen has been around since mid-2003, being a main feature of my Year 11 NCEA Art boards.

Apart from drawing I am a musician, specialising in bass guitar. And as well as being a musician, I am an Arts student at University, studying Geography and Spanish.

No rest for the good, eh?
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:D Yeys for James and everyone else
You're back! Although you pretty much told me... I only just got around to checking SmackJeeves, and its looking great. Aww if I had a kid I'd name him James, maybe.

Can't wait to see the new Dutch... ;)
Fantastic, finally got up to here after like a week.. I love that expression on Korey's friend's face in the second panel <3
September 12th, 2007
Lol, you are so drawing my life :P That happened today to our chef, then he started hitting on the customer... Lol
August 26th, 2007
Lol, reminds me of me! Four flights of stairs, little sleep, back to work again. So glad it's mid-semester break!

And - lol - had to add this - those pearls are wicked fun to shoot at people/things >:D
August 25th, 2007
Chai!<3 Lovely layout too~!
June 18th, 2007
Wow, awesome page! ^^
Yey! ^^ Photoshop is so cool, it has so much stuff you can do with it. What program did you use before?
I've started drawing a new comic which is related to Realm but is composed of short stories about the characters. Kind of a drama/humour/dark comic, depending on which story you're reading. I've decided to put it on Smackjeeves once Realm has *ahem* ONE HUNDRED FANS! Then I'll know that people actually like it enough to care about a new comic ^^

It might take some time to get that many fans seeing as I have about 16 right now, but it's a goal! ^^ Teehee. I already have the first story almost finished, and hopefully the second one by the end of next week.
I'll leave the creative explanation for this page up to you ;)
In the old version, this was my favourite page. She was just so cute! I had to redraw the top panel as in the last one it was just way too messy, so I got Comicworks (the trial) and drew it digitally. I'm not totally happy with it, but hey, it works.

And sorry guys, there probably won't be an update until next weekend, it's back to uni for me T-T
Lol, she is quite a tomboy so you can be forgiven :P
winzrella: Thanks ^^ I hope you like it!

Sam4books: Teeheehee ;)
Ooh what is she thinking....???
OH, the shame! This page is so much better than the old version! Even thinking of the old page makes me want to change my name and move to Australia or somewhere else large and where no-one knows me.

P.S. Lars is cool. He doesn't talk but he communicates through giant cards.
Hehe, thanks guys <3
Costello Jones
Such a pretty name, it was a shame to hide it :P

And lol, that's my arm! ...
:D Yays! :happy dance:
Many peoples
I just love this page, because it has so many characters in it. Until this page I hadn't drawn one of them for two years :o Hopefully I'll get to him soon!
I think it's an awesome page, you did a great job on Chris' head ^^
My poor arm...
I'm glad the colouring is over with now, I've strained my wrist muscles from this one! I decided to do the chapter covers in colour, because it's fun and it can also differentiate between times. 2004 has more manga-styled characters, but 2007 has more American-styled characters.

So this and the narration is set in 2007.

Damn I'm off to bed now.