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Welcome back! Just get to catch up to all the updates myself, will be seeing how this goes. :)
I see an argument coming! And Julien has one fine smile hehe.
Daww this page made me smile. They're getting really cute with each other. <33
Lol love you, Kratos. <3
Yeah! Smash him with a pot!
...Ahem. The story is promising so far, keep going! <3
Oh dayum. *puts on sunglasses*
I still love you, Kratos!
I love Beth's expression in panel 3. XD
Gawrsh Kenny, you're being very sweet right now. <33
Missing "s"
I believe the speech bubble in the last panel is missing an "'s" like, "At least that's what Cronus believes." Great page, love the way you draw the first panel! :')
Popipo?! XDDD
By the way, just started reading this and it's been great!
Hmm, I don't think they're the same person. They're probably emitting a similar aura that leads Rin to her conclusion.
I hope I'm not the only one who finds evil Hades kinda hot/cough
No seriously, I think he's got a plan. Let's see what it is.
Kea you're so B.A. I'm lovin' it. <33
I trust that you've got a plan, eh Hades? I'll just anticipate the next page.
Enjoy your vacation!
Did Rin help with Kea's overall look? Her expression looked like, "There comes my MASTERPIECE. <3" when she sees her. XD You go Kea!
I think Julien look a bit guilty there? Love the emotions and the Ken sketch. <3
Happy Birthday! <33
You and your antics, Rin. <333