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Old account was LeoniteTH, figured I'd make this, considering Vayne's my new main character.
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    Like I'd say. Pffftt..
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This is probably my laziest work, but I'll actually make more decent comics depending on how much time I have.
And there is fog in all of the panels, I used Paint.NET to make it that way, it made the Dusk Forest seem a lot cooler that way.
It did? Hmm, kinda remember that now.
But still, I didn't think of that when I made this. It was all thanks to Vitamin String Quartet's cover of Muse's Knights of Cydonia.
@Omega- Didn't even realize Vayne was a villain. And I'll use the human sprites. And also, thanks. I'm going to see if I can edit him a bit to have 5 poses at the minimum.

@Everyone else- If you do join the party, prepare for a VERY large image. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

And I still need permissions to upload comics.
*cough cough* Well hello there folks. It seems Leonite has made a new account.(Obviously me, I mean come on, who thinks of the name VAYNE?) So yeah, just informing you all.
I also need permission to upload comics. *cough cough*