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Just a lurker with a head full of dreams.
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June 11th, 2011
Congratulations on Hemlock's first anniversary!
Ooooh, I'm excited to see what happens next! ;D
Thanks to being browbeaten into making a Facebook account by friends, I can totally do this. With a silly account name, too.
I'm looking forward to Rex's status updates, aha.
Lies, Laz, lies!
Ah well, I'll still be fond of him even if it turns out he's actually rotten to the core.
Oooh, this is really lovely!
Congratulations on so many fans!
I really don't know why Hemlock doesn't have far more, though. :o It's really something special.
Ooooh, this is very nice indeed. I love the shading on Victor's outfit, especially the highlights on the trousers. (If that makes sense.)
If I had a computer of my own, I would be sticking it right on the desktop.
Lizabeth's boots and Victor's coat are supremely drool-worthy, if I do say so myself.
Pleased to meet you once again!
Another lurker emerges from the woodwork, aha.
Well, I have to vote Laz.
And by the way, this comic is awesome.