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My ultimate goal is to create a sprite comic with depth, scope and meaning.


Sonic Forever
Cowriter: WorkSucksMedia
Status: Hiatus

Sonic Armada
Status: Irregular

Titan Ark
Status: In progress

Pulp Fantasy
Status: Irregular
Huh...I'm guess I'm not the Sonic expert I thought I was lol
No, I didn't; they're from the Archie comic
Nack the Weasel
Occupation: Jewel thief, bounty hunter, ex-Chaotix member
Position: Brains, leader

Bean the Dynamite
Occupation: Explosives expert
Position: Flight, speed

Bark the Polar Bear
Occupation: Hired muscle
Position: Power

These guys would've been great in Sonic Heroes
Meet Team Knuckles
Knuckles the Echidna
Occupation: Guardian of the Master Emerald, ex-Chaotix member
Position: Power, leader

Ray the Flying Squirrel
Occupation: Part-time Chaotix member
Position: Flight

Mighty the Armidillo
Occupation: Chaotix member
Position: Speed

I'm going to put a team introduction after each team comes together.
I actually want to put that on here now lol
Can I get a cameo?
I'm going to have to remake this page sometime.
How is she screwed?
Metal Sonic IS the second most evil character in this comic
Tiara and the Seven Rings of Order are from the cancelled game Sonic X-Treme
Two descriptions? What about the robot arm and eyepatch?
Can I get one?
My character is in my avatar. He's the white hedgehog with blue streaks. He has a robot left arm and an eyepatch on his left eye.
Thank you, you should lol
This is not part of the actual comic
Link. He can just go around yelling and doing sword spins
I'm intrigued
Amazing! This is like nothing I have ever read before lol
Are you still accepting cameos?