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Description, huh? o.o Wellll.... I dunno. XD YOU decide. Consider it a fill-in-the-blank. Because every time I do this, I feel like a pokemon. O_o hmmm... Maybe a smeargle. If one of the originals, then probably Charmeleon or sumthin... Dammit... ><
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Uhuhuuuu Fae really does cut to the chase, doesn't she? :3
Oh hell it's the button... XD
Shiiiiny desks. :B
Oh, lookie! Mr. Yagami's room got purdier! :D
You mean liiiike.... Korey's amazingly blew shews? :D
Indeed. Maybe he's part Hulk. :B
How Joe can hold them all up, I will never know.
~yawns~ Well, this has been an eventful week... Um... I'll try to pick up the pace on everything now that my essays are done. :3
January 17th, 2011
lulz. I agree with Cheesecake. ^^
Almost looks like me after a long week. XD Well... Minus the blood... Maybe like an energy drink packet or something. X3
Well, because of my increduluous laziness, I only have one page. But hoping to make up for it maybe just a lil bit, I decided to shade it! :D So, enjoy my horrid shading abilities! >.<
January 12th, 2011
Russian! :D
Da. It means thankyou. X3
January 11th, 2011
Spaciba! X3 Likin it so far. :B
January 8th, 2011
AHA! It's not just sibling rivalry, it's BRUTAL sibling rivalry! :D Awesome! X3
Yes, I did... -_- And Merrie is laughing at my inferiority I'm sure. X)
Ah, not my better page... Sorry, schoolwork kinda took over today. ^^; If I have time, I'll remake this one. :3
January 2nd, 2011
Imma say it's a Sibling Rivalry type deal. ^^
This is probably gonna be the last update of the week with New Year's Eve tomorrow and a weekend with family. >< So i will leave you with... Well... Whatever it is. XD

Oh yeah! I knew I was forgetting something... Um... Because I figured too many people would be missing out on the conversations if I actually put it in Russian, I decided to put foreign languages in a square instead of a bubble. X3
Betcha NOONE saw that comin'... pfff Yeah right. X)
Dude... That is the most awesomest picture evar. o.o And i thought I was bad. XDD Disgruntled Acid-spitting Alpaca aint got SHIT in this!! XD