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Good luck, friend! I shall be watching.
I am and was a giant nerd, and while my watching of Naruto passed, my fan characters for the show are still around. These three were a team of characters based on the Naruto universe, and I still enjoy tweaking their designs and stories once in a while.

Sorry for the wide page, I didn't want to make it so tiny that you couldn't read the text. D=
Berserker! One of the best in-game dresspheres, berserkers are fluffy and animalistic. I tried to get that same feel, while also bringing a haphazard look to the clothes, as though they were just tied on.
White mage, probably my least favorite of this set of drawings. The while mage outfit is just kinda boring, so there wasn't a lot for me to work with, and on top of that, I forgot how proportions work while I was drawing this apparently. Moving right along.
Probably my favorite. You can find a tweaked and colored version here:

So check it out if you like the sketch.
Gunner and thief. And before you ask, no, I have no idea how guns work.

Gunner: Looks bad, can't draw guns, can't draw those skirt things. Moving on.
Thief: Tried to invoke sorta animalistic shapes with the blades. Also the 'track suit' sorta feel of the originals. Let me know what you think.
Songstress. The most useless job class ever. Only status ailments and buffs. But hey, what can ya do? There's always one. Tried to go for a more classical look here, while still including the frills that the three actual characters have on their versions.
Ahh, the FFX-2 dressspheres. Putting my self character in variations of the outfits from Final Fantasy X-2, IMO a vastly underrated game.

The full set can be found here:
I was trying to make him look kinda gaunt. Didn't really like the picture though, so I gave up on it. S'why it's so unfinished. >>
Eyes! Also a couple ears and one mouth.

Just trying to get a feel for eyes again. Didn't really end up being happy with any of these, but that's okay. Try try again!
They're not really meant to be the same picture, they just ended up overlapping, so I put them up together.

Just more doodles.
I was just playing with shapes, and how abstract I could make the shapes while keeping the figure resembling a human.

I dunno. But my random ideas and sketches are what this comic is about, so up it goes!
Trying to come up with more dynamic things to draw, so here's a person swimming! Yet again, no ref, so bear with me if it's not the greatest.
It's a person on a chair! Gasp!

This one was also a 'no-ref' picture.
This one wasn't actually drawn from another picture, it was just sorta how I was sitting at the time. I was kiiinda hoping to draw how it felt to be sitting like that, so it's less of an accurate anatomy picture, more of an idea picture. As always, let me know what you think!
And the follow-up picture, a super-hero called Confusing Science Man! He just yells confusing science facts all throughout the battle to distract the enemy so his teammates have an easier time of things. =3

I like silly superheroes, in case you couldn't tell.
I blame you, chemistry class.
At first I was considering not drawing the lady on the right at all, because I thought she was almost too seductively posed.. this isn't supposed to have any mature connotations, I just wanted to practice drawing people. But eventually, I gave in because I found her pose to be interesting without feeling awkward, like the yoga poses you often find (see the girl on the left). I'm glad I did, because I think she's my favorite of my body studies so far.
This one was of a lady sitting on a rock (sorta next to the ocean I think) it turned out pretty well, I believe. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not drawing faces and hair and stuff, because this is supposed to be practice for drawing bodies. Perhaps later you will get some face pictures.
Found some interesting poses online and decided to draw them. A couple of these coming up. (not in any particular order) I liked this one because it's PG but it's from the front.