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Well, where to begin...I draw XD Yeah, I also write, sing, dance and am learning to play the guitar. Yes, I'm in highschool, but don't let that hinder your impression of me. I'm a pretty chill person, and I won't bite...hard ;)

i have a tumblr too, check it out:
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@rl4552: lol robin, you don't even know if your own character is that dense or not XD BUT I NEED MORE!
omigod, what an idiot >.>
@rl4552: oh, do i sense some drama? >:D
oh, itsk, i have't either >.> i've been taking a little break without really telling anyone :( but i started working on pages again, so once school starts, i think i'll be able to keep a straight schedule again XD

the color? it's just photoshop. just mess around with coloring and brushes, im sure most photo manipulation software comes with custom brushes XD it should be easy for you!
awww, that's a tragic story :( where'd you come up with it? :D
not that i've been super busy this summer, but i just ended up forgetting. i've uh...had a lot of things on my mind. that being said, my scheduling might end up being a bit screwed up for a few weeks. i'm just trying to...get some stuff taken care of in my life.

so, in case it looks a little wonky, three things to point out:
1) eliza's leg didn't shrink, it's slightly behind her
2) she was faceing toward christian on the last page, but she rolled over on this page.
and 3) IT'S THE RETURN OF ELIZA'S RESOUNDING MARK!!! haha, i know i've been covering it up with her hair a lot, but in reality, she hates ALWAYS covering her face. now that's it's just christian and her, she could care less.

other then that, not much to say. christian is smirking a bit because eliza is basically panicking XD

anyways, sorry for this, and perhaps future delays,
angie <3
ehehe *rubs the back of my neck* it's a little more complicated than that :(

and yeah, i know :) that excites me!!! XD
update? guys wanted one of those? ehehe...sorry about that, i've been busy working on my new comic Ghost Town (which you guys should totally check out, hinthint) so i didn't have time to do the new page.

comic resumes next week, and in the meantime enjoy a colored filler :D it's supposed to one of my guy friends and i did it for him cuz i was bored XD of course, when i asked what extra things he wanted on the wolf, he said emo hair, a skateboard and a guitar. this is the result, hope you guys like XD

working hard (or hardly working),
hehehe, i love where this is going :D

@rl4552 yo, get on facebook! D:< or something
haha, thanks dude, and yeah, i was just wondering if you could take a look at the cover page for Ghost Town and tell me what you think.
oh yeah, page one! decided to put it up today instead of tomorrow since i said i would XD

about this page. as you can see, eliza and christian fell through the portal into lilandarto. now eliza is going to chew christian's ass out for getting them stuck there. it should be easy to get home, right? WRONG.

ignore the grass in the last failed at the top, cuz i'm still learning how to use photoshop instead of GIMP. bare with me people XD

right now, i'm working on Ghost Town as well, but idk when that's going to be up. also, i am now in a band o__o this should be interesting...

tackling too many things at once,
the song for this chapter is The Red by Chevelle...this should come as no surprise XD
IT'S CHAPTER 2 BITCHES!!! MWAHAHAHA! the first page will be up friday or saturday (not sure yet) and normal updates resume next wednesday.

basically, this whole chapter is just a lee way into what's going to start happening in lilandarto (see the map). things start getting a little screwy with eliza, christian is going to have a harder time keeping secrets from her, and a new character will appear! :D but i can't say who yet...or how many new characters are actually gonna come up in this chapter. AT LEAST ONE! i know that, so ready or not, chapter 2 is here!

angie <3
:3 cheesy is AMAZING dude, it's so cute!!! ^___^
what the hell is happening?! (O____O)
i love where this is going dude :D keep it up!
oh geez, i know this is a day late, but i had family stuff to take care of yesterday. plus...I SAW HARRY POTTER :D most amazing thing EVER.

so yeah, nothing much to say. new chapter next week :)

oh god, i'm laughing so hard robin, this is hilarious XD
as you can all see, there is a page :D YAY! there will also be a SECOND UPDATE on friday so i can get this chapter out of the way. next week, the chapter 2 cover will be posted on wednesday and the first page will be posted on friday! after that, regular updates resume every wednesday.

on a second note, i might be starting a new comic called Ghost Town. it's a work in process, and it's based off of a book i am currently writing. the style is slightly different, but not by much.

Black as Day and Ghost Town have similar looking characters, places, and plot, but the two stories are unrelated. Ghost Town was actually created first, so many of the characters in Black as Day are based on the written characters in Ghost Town. i'm mentioning this now so as to not confuse you guys if Ghost Town goes up XD

too many projects at once,
haha, i decided it was high time to start customizing this comic XD this is basically what i was doing all of much html o____o you have no idea how long this took.

on a better note, there will be a comic today and one of friday as well :D

and on another note, i might start working on a different comic, but i'm not sure if i should yet. what do you think?