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Likes: Drawing, Playing video games, Watching anime, Drawing, Music (especially upbeat techno), TVTropes

Dislikes: Being yelled at, piles of homework, People who don't know what they're talking about, Mean 'n selfish people

I plan on creating a few one-shot and short comics soon; don't know when though.

You may notice that more than half of the comics on my favorites hasn't updated in like over a year. I still have no idea if I want to get rid of those.
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Did you guy's have to fight the Crimson Chin for power or did he just give it to you? :P
May 28th, 2014
Anyone else starting to think Krait lied about eating those other snakes?
@Kurona: they already tried that... two pages ago.

though i do have to wonder; why haven't you guy's used Toad rain on this room yet?
are you saving it for drill man?
Watch it turn into a Gyarados right then and there
it's gonna rampage through all the Clefairy all confused and scared.

That's probably what Rocket lady was counting on.
*canned laughter*
I read that last "WHEEEEEE" as a "EEEEEHW", and found it funny.
Wait a minute... Is that a shackle around his neck?
So it wasn't Neo Cortex?
next thing you know,
"Sow 30 seeds and 9 saplings for each tree you are granted."
September 18th, 2012
Zach:"We were attacked by a zombie!"

legit reasons for everything. :D
@blahmahsah: actually he is there, just look behind the flashy explody lights.
Doncha just hate when you get your fist stuck in the belly of a giant goop monster and then your whole body gets sucked in.........
Watuyameen this isn't relevant! It totally is!
Experimenting with new style?
I spy thicker outlines. :)
...and when you get an eye-patch, people will think you're tough.
And when people think your tough, they want to see: "How tough?".
And when people want to see how tough you are, you wake up in a roadside ditch....
Wait. Why are you telling me all......oh.
It wasn't the page that was unclear, it was my emoticon. Try looking at from a left-side-up angle; you should see a sly smile with strong eyebrows.
I: T......<H<......>H>.........I: T
"reeks ... of something else"
And what exactly would that something else be exactly? L :I
Sorry I couldn't comment earlier. My brother put up a firewall on my compuer so I would do my homework.

I don't know at this point. I'm 1/4 expecting Derek to have the hots for both girls, but eventually have to choose one of them. It'd be like a "Betty & Veronica" thing.
Crap just got-- wait...
He was already in danger...
Crap just got BEYOND real!

EDIT: on second thought, I was right the first time
You just happened to start talking about this... on the day that I'm supposed to be studying for a zoology test about Darwin and evolution.