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I've never really thought about it before now... But I probably can say why I think someone is attractive. It's largely an emotional choice but is also influenced by society quite a lot (magazines telling you who is attractive and such from a young age). I find the colour of eyes amazing, but I prefer eyes that aren't brown because mine are :P. But there are a lot of other factors that are harder to explain, like how their hair makes their face look. Or their jawline compared with their cheekbones. So its very hard to explain.

Btw yes, some people do act to a certain persona to try to be different or for personal reasons for example protecting their real selves from judgement. Or just because they don't want to admit to themselves that they are the same as others in that aspect.
cutest face!! I can see why she's freaked though :P I want to know so bad what he's trying to ask :o
He totally deserved that :P love the 1st and 4th panels! <3
Love this page :P
Love this!!
It's epic~
Burst out laughing at this :P
Brilliance :D Man I love this comic, your so awesome
Happy Birthday! :D
Lol, love her stance. Suggestion on Chapter 3 title page is Daisy and Sam together :D
This. Is. The best page EVER! They're both so cute and freaking awesome!!!
Have a good trip :)
Favourite page yet! <3
Yes I actually do read that
Awesome storyline. Seriously. I lovee when you update :)
So goood~ I loved it!
He totally likes her, P.S. EPIC comic <3
Suspender thing does work... painful also D:
Brilliant Comic
I read this comic when I didn't have an account and FINALLY found it again- I love it! It'd be lovely as a series. The art is fabulous. :)
I faved the title page picture on DA as soon as I saw it! When I saw it on Smack Jeeves I could hardly believe my eyes. Your art is soo sweet and the writing style seems fitting too!