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Well, I am one of the older comic authors on this site, me being 19 and all, and I sprite as a little hobby to get into. I'm favoring more of 3D Modeling than writing, and spriting is just a hobby of mine.

My Friends:

StarMan45: He helped me a lot, including editing my sprites and helping me find a lot of villain sprites.

MR sonicrouge: Because of him, my sprites are decent to look at! He's an awesome bud!

Inxerene: An awesome person who likes my OC's and is an excellent spriter and artist!

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Send Message've convinced me...sorta. I'll start getting to work on a new Mansion for us. Regardless of my spriting experience.

HOWEVER, I will be asking for help every now and then with sprites, not to mention that this laptop I'm using only has the sprite sheets currently on this comic, but there are quite a handful of things I need to address now that I'm thinking of with this new Mansion.

First off, there will be no applications. I will be sending invites to those who I believe did a lot for the old Mansion and didn't have over the top characters and who actually followed plot last time.

As for help with sprites, when the time comes around, I'll ask for help, because since the last time I was here, I've made a ton of characters, but I need to convert them to hedgehog, since most of them are going to be extremely difficult to sprite as human. But when the time comes around, I'll ask for help.But man, wait until you've seen the changes to the cast of characters I have now. :3

And lastly, this might take a while, because it's been a while since I've sprited anything and I have to write up a bunch of plots to keep the ones I have busy, but I will be creating the new Mansion comic on a different domain instead on this one. That way, we have a better start on things and I can invite the authors instead of boot everyone out.

So, thanks guys, and just be patient for a while longer.
@supersonicfan0: Well, like I said before, I 'WANT' to make a brand new Mansion, I really do, but if I do, I personally and honestly don't see a way I can really contribute compared to the few good spriters/artists since my drawing and spriting are awful. You can clearly see with the pic I put as this. Believe me, I've fixed my characters and made a bunch of new ones thanks to friend(s), but I have zero way of spriting them.
@LazyHomelessGuy: Afraid to use your real account? Thought so. Get off my comic.
Okay, I've sort of had it now. Lately, shit has been going down about this old comic, and I'm super close to just shutting this whole thing down if it weren't for the memories I have of this place.

Yes, for those who have been asking, this Mansion is sorta, if not, all dead. I want to bring it back as a new Mansion because when we were breathing life into this, only a couple of posters actually posted instead of just applying for co-author and not doing anything. I want to create a new Mansion and only invite those few posters who can actually follow the plot and not screw things up like what happened with the Sandman arc or f*ck, even the Frieza arc, but I will admit, I'm no artist at all. I can't sprite for the life of me anymore, since half my designs were made from friends.

But right now, just saying:

-Yes, this MAnsion is dead, and it's going to stay dead if people keep asking if it's coming back.

-Maybe, I might bring and make a new Mansion once I find a way to contribute that doesn't have to deal with shitty recolors or comics.

And if you wonder, 'Where the hell have you been?' I've been over Youtube and DeviantArt, doing my own projects and writing a metric ton.

So, that basically explains it, and if I see another comic page with something as ridiculous as this idiot named Lazywhateverhisnameis, or see another stupid troll page, OR have another question regarding this old place, I swear, I'm going to explode.
Awesome. I can't wait to see Chapter Two. This makes me want to do my own PMD comic. XD
@Jenix: Dude, this comic died off, and I stopped spriting a while ago.
Why is it that no one else likes this pic but me, Draven, and Inxernee?

Well, I got bored. I remembered Inxerene's pics of Flare and the cute coupling of ScorchXApricot, so then I thought, "It's time for these two to get noticed more often" and I've been practicing with bases. This is actually my best work lately especially with these two.
Just something I thought up out of randomness. I'm surprised no one has thought of this before. I'll just make a Minecrafting comic every now and then when I feel like it, or when I'm extremely bored. What do you guys think?

@TouhouShake: Okay, what? If we had a plot going, then why don't we just do it then? I'll have to start us off then.
@D&T: What THS plan?

And since the mirror world is the most voted, we'll do that I guess, get the Mansion going.
Awesome stuff so far. Keep it up, and Happy Birthday (According to Skype.)
Just a quick question, you've already accepted Mikee as a cameo, right?
@TouhouShake: It might be a good thing, or a bad thing. Maybe it's neither. Who knows? Wait, I know. I'm the guy making the comic. X3
So, the big battle has begun. This will take a few parts to finish up.
Yup, this is the main reason that there are others that I needed.
Yup, back again. Now wait another few months for the next one! :3 JK. i'm coming back with spriting these days.
TouhouShake is right, enough with the new ideas! Let's just stick to one, and then get going with it. I can explain the Power Orbs another time, and the mirror one does seem pretty good. Let's just vote.
@blazikendude: Tournaments is a n-o. Tournaments get confusing and then they are left forgotten due to people leaving the Mansion for a while, they return to see their character beaten, they rage, and then we have troubles.
???: I know you answered this a long time ago, but this question is different. What would happen if you went with someone like Mikee? (This is actually a hint for my next character coming to the Mansion soon once his sprite sheet is finished.)