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@Past-Chaser: please tell me where *sparkly eyes*
@angelperez: to tell the truth... I didn't notice (I'm so bad at noticing these things...)
I'm on a roll
The best thing about this arc is that I used to hate the big nose guy, but now he could become a great ally.
oh Motivation, where hast thou gone?
just to show what my drafts look like
do keep in mind that it's not cleaned, and Dorions skin is still as white as Lucas'
OMG... the yellow...
is it supposed to hurt my eyes?
yes, it took me 3 weeks to do this...
I'm in inspirational low with this... *sigh*
guessing the ammo is blanks...

out of curiosity, why use another site?
not overall happy with it all... drawing Dorion while he's getting dressed was pretty difficult...
But I drew it anyway, it's the only way to learn.
so I make a little mistake whilst inking and Lucas looks totally insane... *sigh*
another update... I'm on a roll XD

This page isn't all that special. I've been reading manga again lately... so my noses dissapeared...
I went over 1000 views again today. Hope it stays that way.
These are the two main characters from my webcomic Twin Moon, Lucas and Dorion.

Webcomic link is:
this page marks the end of the flashback chapter, as we are now again in present day
I'll be getting back to the flashback later, though I"m not sure yet how
rereading this since you started posting new pages,
have to say that the two in the last panel are so awesomely cute!
yes I am very deeply ashamed for the delay

part of it was being busy
part of it is... still.. game addicted anyone?
Not sure if he's angry, or about to cry...
to show that I am, in fact, still working on the comic
(it's nearly been a month... O_o)
Figured the best way to promote my comic is to show my art. This is the cover art of the 4th chapter.
My comic's name is Twin Moon and it's about a vampire and an elf put together by fate.