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the ineternet likes to do that. facebook often eats my statuses batman filming a porno with robin and the joker and the Riddlerplayed by Bummy)
how is Maisy's survival probability 100% if Murphy's blocking the only exit?
is tarquin doing what i THINK he's doing to those lungs?
shold Thor be taking Jesus's dad's name in vain in front of him? xP
aha, so this is why you know who recruited her
lol, unexplained girlfriand apears!
whats missing here?
oo oo oo spelling mistake. LOL
i guess neko is chaotic neutral? i know jeff can be chaotic evil. gar's neutral good, and its too late at night to think of all the other in that infographic. ill let somone else do it, or try later when im not tired
have we ever met murphy's owner before? will we?
im so going to add this to the "get my husband back to reading neko" list :P
i feel sorry for mcjefersteini's loss of inocense. glad she found the mute button, but too little too late
lol at thor and jesus xD

found one in that hotdog god hole.
cave johnson is portal 2's #1 fav character. especially when you get to the end of the first level with the white gell. you'll see :D

second most popular is a defective personality core thats more cute than last game's curiosity sphere
someitmes icant help but feel sorry about wheatley, especially towards the end.

sure he's the worlds biggest idiot, and became mad, but still, he seemed upset at some point.
the point about wheatley being like that is to point out how opposite of GLaDOS he is.

just read the commentary sometime after you beat the game.
there are 2 posssibilities who Mo is. either Modi or Modgud.considering they refer to Mo as a HIM, its probably Modi, who is one of Thor's sons. hense the 'thank you' (wonder what he and his boether think of their dad giving away mjonir when they were suposed to inheret it xD
@ last panel... it confirms my suspicions >.>

also... how the heck did keno end up with Eli when he was just on Alice's boot?