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Snow in the face
This has been one hell of a day.
Sound of a giant hedgehog hitting the snow face first
Two at once.
Damn it
I hate those things.
I wanna PMS on this page so bad
Just having an argh moment.
Now, when I don't even know how Sonic 4 ends...
Sonic's head is not a tarmac
mostly because it's not paved. Chili dog breath right on the back of my head, thanks a lot.
Nowhere, it didn't exist while I was writing this, and the plot is all written out already.
A year and a month
If you've got 100 minutes to waste, watch me draw this page
7 clips total:
Well, DO YA?
Of course not. Oh yeah, welcome to the Ice Cap zone act 2.
No! I'm supposed to have forgotten this comic and be dead to the world.
Bad habit fail. :D
Well you know how they're always telling us to reduce, reuse, recycle...
*gets sat on again by giant!Sonic*
It'll be a few hundred pages before we get to the "reduce" part though... ow... x.x
Re: Awwww...
"Sonic! *long-winded explaination on why the buildings are sinking into the ocean*!!"
"...Right! Let's go!"
*Lightning flashes, Tails gets the bajeebus scared out of him, wraps himself around Sonic*

That would be the exact voice I hear when I'm typing out his dialogue, too... XD
Random hedgehog fact #01.
It's true. Look it up on YouTube: "hedgehog anointing". There's even one of a hedgehog named Sonic who does it with his owner's boyfriend's underwear.
We've hidden concept art somewhere on this page.
Let's see if little Johnny notices.

(...There's some hidden on Monday's page as well... just thought you ought to know.)

(Of course I mean hidden in the loosest sense of the word. XD)
I like to do drawrings. Would you like to see them?
...are you looking at my bum? Bumlooker! ...Cheeky monkey.
OK I'm done drawing Tails for a while.
When I started working on this I had plotted it out to go for at least 60 pages... Now with all the script revisions I think this is going to be over 100 pages long. x.x So expect a few more recaps at 50, 75, etc. of course by different characters from their P.O.V.
He's worried about something... we'll see what in a few pages or so.
Yeah, he's still got it. XD
Evidently my scanner bed needs cleaning again because I ended up with some more mystery specks all over this darn page.

Hey this is page 24. That must mean the next page is page 25. People sometimes do special stuff for the 25th of something. I wonder what I'm gonna do. Call Patrick Spaziante in to draw a race between Sonic and Metal Sonic through the Collision Chaos Zone? Nah, it's been done...