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'I didn't recognise you without bedhead.' -flatmate.
soooooo good
aww cuties

Soooo I was watching New Japan Pro Wrestling (it's super gay!) the other night and suddenly


Seriously, look up Cody Rhodes and his super-bendy cartoon face! Not images. Youtube. Kenneth's smirk should not be possible on a real human face...AND YET
@Samsama That's a good point--since it's all reconstructed, Latin pronunciation conventions differ across different countries and disciplines (church, opera, law, medicine, academia). They're all equally valid in context. I don't actually have any idea what biologists are up to. I do know that law schools actively teach completely bonkers pronunciation. It's probably a good bet that scientists do their own thing, too.

So basically, even though I wrote that incredibly pedantic pronunciation guide: Latin is a thousands-year-old free-for-all, do whatever you want, honestly. :)
Not that it matters, because it's Everett's made-up word, but I think it'd be something like, "a-wee-AH-lie" in Latin.

I'm going off the closest proper Latin word, "aviārius" (bird). That's "a-wee-AH-ree-us."

There's no consonant "v" in Latin. It's just a typographical way of rendering consonant "u," to make it look less confusing. (Like, "vultus," face, is really "uultus".) It's pronounced like "w," and it makes proper Latin sound hilarious.

Assuming it follows the vowel pattern of aviārius (aviālae), that's:

a as in "ago"
i as in "keen" (but short)
ā as in "father"
ae as in "by"

That said! It doesn't really matter. The subset of people who know classical Latin is tiny, and of those, the majority, like me, are terrible at it. Honestly, if any of my colleagues knew I was dispensing Latin advice they'd laugh themselves sick, and then probably correct something I've said. But if you're curious--that's pretty close. I think.

(I'm an academic and this is theoretically part of my job, just one I am famously reluctant to do.)
I love the shadows, and I really love the third panel. You communicate so much in the little details.

Good luck with your midterms! :)
oh darlings, this worries me so much.
M/W/F! A bit of a pick-me-up throughout the week is nice. Really excited for the extra updates; this comic is so lovely. :)

As for songs: it was released 3 years later in 1969 and I'm not sure Alex would appreciate the genre, but Crosby Stills and Nash's "Helplessly Hoping" for sure. I mean: "Gasping at glimpses of gentle true spirit he runs/Wishing he could fly/Only to trip at the sound of goodbye"? Or "Stand by the stairway you'll see something certain to tell you/Confusion has its cost"? And "They are two alone".....
Ack I love how the wibbly/straight shadows behind Alex reflect his attempt to pull himself together. So nice.

Also, this is adorable. Kind of worrying for so many reasons, but adorable.
Ahhh I love how you drew their body language on this page. Every panel is so good. :D
May 10th, 2015
Far from lame, I think this page is very lovely and does a wonderful job (re)setting the tone for what's to come. The light effects especially! Welcome back :)
guhh such lovely art--every time you update with a new page I lose like five minutes to just staring at their hands. Your art has always been great but you've become a serious badass when it comes to anatomy and movement. So pretty! <3
This is super fun! And man, I love an ink wash. So pretty. The premise is delightful, too: the dream of everyone who's ever gone to get wings tattooed all up on their back. Much like the tattoos themselves, the reality is more painful and awkward than the concept...*

*NB: I say this with love and as someone with many tattoos. Funny story: my wife and I have bird tattoos. She was getting a checkup the other day and a nurse tried to rugby tackle her in the corridor. The wife dodged like WTF and the nurse was like, OOPS THOUGHT YOU HAD A REAL BIRD ON YOU and grabbed her arm to stroke it and assure herself that my wife didn't across have a bird coming out of her skin.

The office's name? GANNETT.
September 21st, 2014
I was just writing up an assignment on Celtic myths when I took a short break and found this. It's providence, clearly! :) This is really lovely so far. Looking forward to reading more!
Aaah! I was so looking forward to seeing how this would wrap up, but dreading the little hole it would leave in my life. It ended so beautifully :'D I'm looking forward to all your future projects though...I'm sure they'll be just as lovely and thought-provoking and will carve out a new place in my heart in no time flat. Thanks a million billion for sharing this xxxx
This was really beautifully done. I really do admire your visual storytelling so much--sometimes I spent really inordinate amounts of time looking at a single panel. But I also think you've made some really honest choices in the character arcs, and this is one of the best ones; you know, that Ruthie can find Sasha, and care about him, and feel understood and listened to and appreciated for who she is, and still be hurt by a relationship where she wasn't. A new, better relationship isn't a cure, and nor frankly should it be. That isn't something you see much in stories, but I think it's true. I also like that she gets her say but that ultimately it doesn't change much, because that healing does need to come from within herself. The fantasy of being able to 'talk about it' and say your piece is ultimately always a fantasy, especially in those cases where 'sorry' can never be good enough. Uuugh I just really like this.

And! I hope you find peace in your personal situation one way or another--it can be absurdly difficult! I had a very bad...situation...when I was in college, and one day I was brooding about it when it suddenly occurred to me that two years had passed since we'd even seen each other, and rehearsing what I'd say if I did only hurt me more. And that's pretty ridiculous, ultimately. That said I think there comes a point when you have to accept that there are pains that become a part of you. And you're pretty damn awesome! You make awesome things that people love! So whether or not you can ever say your piece doesn't really matter, because it's true that he probably wouldn't be able to say anything that could make a difference to you, whereas you've already mastered the situation by turning it into art that touches people :)
The second panel--their faces! I just had to say, it's absolutely perfect in every way.
I got mine! It's really lovely, so happy for you :) :)
Oh man I'm so happy things ended this way for them. You hardly ever see this kind of trajectory played out in love stories and it was really interesting to watch everything unfold here.

In other news I used to be so thrilled every time I saw this had updated, and now I feel just a tiny bit alarmed too--I don't want it to end. That said I'm sure whatever you do next will be fabulous, so I'm not too anxious. :) :) And I just bought the first book so I can reread it any time. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm pretty excited! I'm sure it looks lovely.
Oh man. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. I've been following you since this was just short doodles on your DA, when I was younger than either of them and whether I knew it or not had quite a bit in common with Amal, you know-- bright and sensitive and a little thoughtless and bitter. I'm older than them both now and it's funny to reach this scene today, putzing around online because I got a massive, itchy tattoo to commemorate qualifying for my doctorate and getting en"gay"ged. (And I've gone grad school grey. Snap, Amal!) ;) I feel like I've really grown up with this comic, and puzzling out all the little details of expression and gesture in it has dragged me through more than a little self-reflection over the years. I think I'm a better person for having read it. Thanks for that <3
Congratulations!! Super like. I'd love to own this to flip through and fondle and all ;)