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It's been good talking to you, sorry I rambled on. Bye now!
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Okay, so this happened yesterday. My boyfriend invited me to IHOP with his mom and her boyfriend (and her boyfriend's grandson) and we all were ordering. I was looking for the pancakes section when I stopped dead on my tracks.

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a Yaoi (Boy Love) fangirl and I like to pair up men together in regular action/suspense/mystery shows. Like Supernatural... The Walking Dead... for God's sake, my favorite fandom is South Park.

Now, there's this one show on England (not in America) that you can watch online called, "Sherlock Holmes" which is the modernized adaptation of the book. The actor, Benedict Cumberbatch (AKA Sex God), plays Sherlock there... this is him.

Now, he's not my favorite actor (actually he's my second favorite), that would be Jensen Ackles, the actor to Dean Winchester in Supernatural.

So anyways, the name, "Eggs Benedict" reminded me of the actor and I had an awkward fangirl moment.

One more thing, I ended up getting the "Funny Face".... yeah... I'm 16 years old and I always get the "Funny Face" at IHOP.... sue me...
In my school, we only go to Homeroom once in a blue moon. When all the kids (or at least a grade) have tests on the same day. Like our state tests, or the PSAT, etc. So, I forgot my room number.....

Luckily, the teacher didn't seem to mind, but she confused me for a boy by calling me, "Young Sir". As my friend, Fernando (God damn him...) heard that, he laughed his ass off. After that, he's been calling me "Young Sir" instead of my name. I'm so conditioned that every time I hear "Young Sir" I turn to look as if someone had called me. Damn him!!!
He's always doing that lol. Then again, I guess I have to admit that I get angry (very) easily. People have their little faults. Ah well.
2nd Grade: This guy picked me up and suddenly everyone in the class thought it was fun to just pick me up. I blame that guy who I can't remember the name of.... THAT DAMN GUY!!!!

4th Grade: Everyone in the damn class would pick me up either all together or at random moments separately.

7th Grade: I was at the P.E. field once on a school no-class/uniform event and my friends took turns picking me up... they would run around and give me to other friends... after a while, I would stop kicking and screaming....

8th Grade: I have two best friends, Daniela (Dani) and Jessica (Jessie), who are both fucking insane. Yet... Jessie is the craziest, and during lunch she would run around with me on her back screaming for dear life. Once they almost dropped me on my face. I cried for like fifteen minutes from shock.

10th Grade: I met my boyfriend, and he would randomly pick me up... and although I acted like I hated it.... secretly I didn't mind if it was him <3

11th Grade: I still don't mind when it's him and I still get flustered, but he now usually does so when he wants to keep me from something. Sweets is the usual target (I'm like the biggest sweet tooth ever). He keeps telling me to eat healthy, but ugh, I can't give up sodium and sugar!!! (I'll get diabetes one day.... -_-")

Why do people carry me? Is it because I'm small/short and light? So are some of my friends!! Why aren't they lifted off the ground!?!?
I have this thing where I want to preserve my innocence till AT LEAST after high school. That means I don't want to know about perverted things, sayings, etc, AT ALL. I don't know what 69 is (and I don't want to, but my friend said it was perverted).... they also said a bj is perverted. I personally thought it was the store... BJ.... you know, the store that's kind of like Costco?

AND DON'T TELL ME!!! I don't want to know. I'm not religious or anything, but I have my personal reasons to want to stay innocent.
It takes a highly skilled professional to trip over thin air... THIN FUCKING AIR!!! WHAT DID I EVEN TRIP ON!?!

Not only that, but I can trip going up the stairs and I can trip on small rocks and trip while standing up.... I'm like the clumsiest person I know.... I'm a Professional Clumsist!!! O^O (dun dun duuuun)
Okay, so I was walking out of Barnes and Noble after getting "Anthem" by Ayn Rand and "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.

I see this elderly man struggling with his cane and think, "Well, gee willikers, I'm gonna help him!" (ignore random 50's saying... what even?).

I open the door for him and he nods to me and says, "Thank you, sir."

Now, I didn't put this in the comic, but before I left to catch up with my mom and sister, I told him, "I'm a girl!" He looked at me with wide eyes...

QAQ I have short boy hair and no boobs... I also don't wear make-up... I was wearing my school uniform at the time so the shirt wasn't girly......

And this isn't the ONLY time I'v been confused for a guy TTATT.... just kill me now.....
I drew this in under 5 minutes lol.

Just hoping to clear any misunderstandings. This comic is read like AN ORDINARY MANGA FORMAT COMIC FROM RIGHT TO LEFT, NOT like an American comic from left to right.
Merry Christmas!!

Hope you like it. And seriously, I had like 4 fans, now I have 3... any South Park fans? You know this is a South Park Doujinshi!? I just hope my number of fans grow when I have many pages.

I'm thinking of making another doujinshi along with this one, called Humanity. Based on my South Park fan fiction. It will be gory, action packed, and totally awesome. Nothing girly and shoujo, like this one, if you don't like this girly and shoujo thing. By the way, there will be monsters. Anyone... if there is anyone out there, please tell me if you want to see it!
I love my outcome on this page, and that scarcely ever happens because I think my pages usually suck, but I'm more than pleased with this one!

Comment and fave please!! :D
I'm so in love with this cute girl who has a sad story!

Please keep drawing! I want to hear what happened to the princess! :D

I don't know what happened... everything was going so well... then THIS!!! It started out with so many in the first and second page, and i gradually got better and better, there was less and less. And on page 5, none at all.....


I swear I could hear some cheesy fairy dust jingle in the background whenever i reread this page on the last panel..... Craig as a magical fairy..... Bwahahahahahaha XXXXXDDDD (sorry, I just imagined him with a girly fairy costume)

I'll try and be less girly, even though it's a shoujo, and put less stars (unless you like 'em, because if you don't stop me, I might go overboard).


No seriouslah, I most likely will go overboard if you don't stop me.... in which case comment please ~<3
Well now... fences.

Also no random stars this time :D ~That's always good, right?

Seriously, the very few people out there actually watching this comic, please comment. I would be so happy! ~<3
You have no idea how long the fourth and fifth panels took me! I had a whole other rough draft for them, but i kept messing up, so this ended up being the result. Honestly, I like these two panels more than they were originally planned out.

And if you haven't noticed... (OwO) I love stars!!! (>w<)
As you all can see, that's craig walking behind wendy, glancing back at her like a creeper.

also, the one talking to wendy is obviously bebe.

I hope i got the anatomy right, anyone care to critic me?
the first thing i noticed, besides the amazing art, is that kyle (the jew) is wearing a cross.... did you do that on purpose?
i used watercolor! :D
You have no idea how hard this was.


This is a South Park Doujinshi for those of you who didn't catch that.
wait if they cant be near humans, then how do they work to afford the bills for their house.....?