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Obviously she is thinking about cutting her hair to try to get mr lazy bee's attention. I have no idea why everybody's expects her to do otherwise with those scissors.

AGE & YEAR: 17, Year 2

G.P.A.: Average

POSITION: Babysitter

EXPERIENCE: Has 5 younger siblings.

BACKGROUND: Myo was a daycare child when he was younger. Now that he's older, he's the one doing the sitting instead, as long as his chronic klutziness doesn't get in the way.

COMMENTS: "... ... ...Hey you. Stop messing with my tail."

Height: Average; around 5'9"~6'0"
Weight: Fit
Likes: The world, Field trips.
Dislikes: Scissors, Pointy/Sharp edges in general, Having his tail tugged at.

Myo is what people would call a klutz... but to the extreme. His chronix klutziness and unluckiness can turn the most simplest of tasks dangerously fatal. He doesn't let this get in the way of his day however, as he's become unusually used to being cut, trampled, crushed, and the general shit beaten out of him.

He takes some procautions though. He always has first aid materials handy on him. His sleeves are always rolled up. His shirt is always tucked in... And he doesnt wear shoes.