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read and draw till i die..

i'm a biologist who just loves pencils
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September 11th, 2013
welcome back!!
it is good to know that you came back. Been waiting for you since 2011. I really like your art style. ^_^
they are fraternal twins.. and I'm back since graduation is coming up and vacation is near.
November 14th, 2011
Auguste the henchman.. hahaha
November 14th, 2011
change of style
November 14th, 2011
This chapter will be centered around Faust. There will be little of Loki's appearances. Starting page 3 the coloring will shift. it will be more saturated.
September 21st, 2011
new characters! Chisa was inside Loki's past..
September 21st, 2011
A new character for the upcoming chapter.. I like his eyes
And so this is Faust
The First Chapter ends here..
looks like Faust had something hidden inside.. <reminder: for pages with panels, pls read from left to right>
what Loki discovered? Not much of a joke
A sudden change in style
i need ========= to complete many frames..
i took advantage of some Corel Painter gifts..

sorry for the change in style
faust has come up with something to bother loki about.. sorry for the filler..
Faust's here!
And faust, the town tailor had an eye for the doctor
my first out of many months!
shades gonna get married and seems like loki can't believe her transformation.. you'll never know what love can give!
i'm back in posting! i have problems with my tablet pen and it seems that i can't work much with it.. sorry for the many months without updates
shade's going to get married and everyone is about to die knowing this..poor loki getting bullied by his mom and his little big sister.

I'm going to say sorry in advance if the schedule of update after this is going to be quite irregular.. i'm having a class from monday to friday from 9 to 5 pm.. i dont have much time. maybe I'll have to submit updates in advance or in bulk.

sorry T_T
please read from left to right..

please correct my mistakes and sorry for the wait.. i gotta run some errands too..

you'll be seeing Loki's mom next week.
tadah! me first page.. i love them awfully cute but there are more pages to come with much adult looking figure.

i figured out that its gonna be a wild ride on loki since he is a very boring guy.. i love his mom!
Chapter cover..
i've been wishing to put my fiction to comics.. and this is it.. i'll be updating once a week.. the first page will be here after a week though..

i'm no good in english so i would like to say sorry in advance if there are some pages i make with grammatical errors..correct me though
i'b be willing to stalk you at deviantart.. this was all fun!