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Hello. I am Kup. I am a rather docile creature by nature. While I enjoy yaoi, I would rather read a well written, well organized, well drawn het than a steaming piece of crap with the word 'Yaoi' plastered all over it. If that amkes me a crappy fangirl, then so be it.

<3 Kup
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Ah, it certaintly has been a while isn't it? *sits back and re-reads old work*

Ya know I did this horrific thing in 9th grade? I can no longer stomach the art, but I still adore the charicters. Guy and Damien are still probably my favorite babies.

Keeping this love in mind, and considering I am now 2 year wiser (and better at drawing) I have made the decision to redo this comic. Just this one.

I'm leaving this site as is, and have already made a new site if you wish to visit, it would be truly appreciated.

I hope everyone can forgive me for leaving for such a long time.

Yours always,
Great art!!!!! I love your style!
February 6th, 2008
damn.....this page made me yawn.
January 28th, 2008
xD Ty's face in the last pannle made me lol.
Oh god i love the sims. I love watching my caricters just romp and have babies and stuff. a garenteed good time! xD
January 26th, 2008
that medalion has some attitude! xD
aww!!! he's just so cute! *rolls around* i-i-i just wanna sqeeze him!! xD
Ha! Demitri's face in the second panle made me laugh!!
Ooh! I'm so happy you updated!

Daniel is just....amazing.
!!! This is such a bitchin comic!!! I love how all the pages work together so perfect! This so gets a fav!
January 13th, 2008
what-what-whaaat?? D:
January 13th, 2008
awwwww!! xD
there is so much love for these last two pages. toooo much love!
HaHa!! That is some wonderful internal monolouge going on there...
Ohh! Nice new layout! I like!
December 1st, 2007
uhhg....i hate this guy so much.
November 27th, 2007
My My what lovely art! The story line seems quite enjoyable.
Demitrius is adorable! x3
*hands you a balloon shaped like a can of chiken noodle soup* Hope you feel better!

Conner is such a cutie!