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when the sun beats down and i lie on the bench, i can always hear them talk.
me, i'm just a lawnmower - you can tell me by the way i walk.
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same as it ever was.
same as it ever was.
same as it ever was.
you're bread and butter pickles, baby.
@GeneralWinter: you need to play the 2nd one with the quickness!
it's so dark... ... so good
@GeneralWinter: KotOR 2 was, in my opinion, better than the first one. it was the 'Empire' to the first one's 'New Hope'.
@GeneralWinter: it an animated gif of K' from King of Fighters. i did have to tweak it a bit in imageready to fit the 11kb limit on SJ avatars...

also, new page for you!
your father's lightsaber
...Not as clumsy or random as a blaster -
an elegant weapon from a more civilized age.

oh man, it's been longer than i thought...
i'm going to have to figure out a better way to balance my creation/consumption time. because, well, i found out that The Old Republic actually runs on my laptop.

my previous laptop couldn't run the game (back during the beta testing) so I assumed I'd never get to play it. but i can now.
strangely, even though it's an MMO, i don't play with other people. i like playing it as if it were a single-player game. and honestly, it's really not that interesting (i had higher hopes, considering KotOR 1 and 2 were so amazing).
Star Wars is a bit of a weakness of mine. You should know, but don't need to know - I own lightsabers.
@Reiter: leave my neighbor out of this.
@EliteNinja: nah, just the ones who looked at the news page and said, "tldr - lol!" and then continued to poop from their mouths.
@Almightyra: Ada's got the fanciest pants in allll the land.
congratulations on 100 pages!!!
sippin' tea with that pinky finger out - like a boss.
congrats on getting into SPX!
@qazox: Sharon and Ada are about the same age (it's not relevant, really, but Sharon is a few months younger than Ada).
Ada just looks younger than she actually is - which Lisette pointed out.

Also, you're the first person to think any of my characters look even close to 30-something (I myself think they look younger than they should).

Or maybe you just think she's older because of how she talks? Either way, I'm taking it as a compliment.
@Almightyra: some people are just that way...

@The_Hankerchief: that co-worker sounds like people i've known. they're trouble. fun trouble.
no excuse! take a shower!
@Karyl: The flashback halfway into Chapter 4 explains what happened between Ada and Sharon the first time - and that takes place about a week or so before the most recent flashback.
This is actually the first thing I've ever done that has involved flashbacks, and I'm sorry if they seem a bit random - but they're necessary for the story.
I've considered drawing a map for the story to show what takes place when. Then I consider how that might insult the intelligence of everyone who reads this comic.
lalala draw poops!
i'd like to think any good friends would do that. of course they're gonna stick up for Sam instead of some guy they don't know.
I remember when I wrote Sharon's dialogue and thought it would be cool to have her talk that way. Typing it out in the comic is just... weird.