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I started this comic when I was 12. I'm currently 28. Let's see if I can finish it!

I'm an amateur webcomic artist, Disney fanatic, and catmom to an obese tabby and hyperactive siamese who regularly runs into the wall
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Keepin' it respectable
@ FriendlyNeighborhoodWriterMan Thank you!
That's such a kind way to look at it!

Haha yeah I was 12 when I made this (I'm 29 now) and knew my art was a bit hard to follow, so I added arrows and labels, and I had to number the panels because they often didn't flow well.

I still enjoy looking back on the old pages :)

Sometimes I think about redrawing them but I kind of like being able to see my art get better over the years
@FriendlyNeighborhoodWriterMan thank you so much for reading and commenting!

I'm always down for a comic with magical siblings! I'll check out your work :)
Sorry this didn't go up last week. I needed to add the shading but I had a migraine for days. There will be another comic tomorrow at the usual time.
Happy 4th of July my fellow US people!
That house took me ages to draw! I'm not very experienced drawing architecture, but I'm pretty proud of the result :)
I apologize for the lack of comics last week. I was having technical difficulties.
To make up for it, I'm posting two pages this week: one tonight, and the other at midnight like usual
Holy cow (deer?)! You sure you don't animate for Disney? Your art and coloring is absolutely beautiful!
I always read the "No one every knows what's happening in Halcydonia" with the same intonation as "Everything's legal in New Jersey" from Hamilton
Grandma is kind of a savage
Should I use color?
I'm thinking of doing all the chapter covers in color from now on. What do you guys think?
Would it be a nice change or should I stick with black and white for consistency?
@Lesi-chan thank you so much!! I had a lot of fun drawing it :)
That closes out chapter 5. Will Richard survive?
Aww thank you!!

Thank you so much!! Your comment has made my week! It's one of the nicest compliments I've ever received.

I feel so honored that Ni Neko was the first webcomic you read :) <3

Drawing comics and posting them online can be a bit lonely since most people don't leave comments. I can see how many people looked at a certain page, but it's hard to tell if they just glanced at the page and then clicked off, or if they actually read it and liked it. Sometimes I wondered if people were interested in it.

Thank you so so much for your support :) I'm drawing on a consistent schedule and will keep working on Ni Neko until it's done.

And thank you for the well wishes. I have a great doctor now so I'm doing better :D
Haha poor guy, that dragon does not care.

It's fun to see someone else drawing comics with pen and paper as opposed to digital. I also have a traditional media comic. I'd mean a lot to me if you could check it out, if you have time :)
Haha the baby dragon is so stinking cute! I can't wait to find out how he ended up with it
I really like the dragon in the last panel
Did you use watercolor? It looks really nice!
Haha the boys are so excited to see that dead ...thing

I rarely see anyone else uploading a traditionally drawn pen and paper comic. I'll definitely be reading more of this tomorrow.

I also draw a traditional style comic. I'd love it if you could check it out, if you have time :)
Haha they cut right through his monologue