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A new season? Awesome! The new characters look interesting already so far.
I am not liking Tapioca's grin there in the end. But if she thinks she can sway the jury with an 'I was not crazy, it was an act all along' reveal it will be met with an indifferent 'we knew/suspected already'. Tapioca was the swingvote in a few tribal councils, but only because nobody thought her important, or sane, enough to be included so that might not score her much points either.
I had expected 'real' Tapioca to emerge during this final part of the game but it looks like another random personality. Well, might be the 'true' personality will still show up if she wins immunity and makes it to the finals.
That was kinda anticlimatic I think for the long awaited/dreaded Summer visit. We still haven't learned anything new about Tapioca aside her being a personality switching drama queen.
I wonder if Jim knew who his visitor was before opening the pokéball. If not he should be glad he was on the sand and not on something harder.
The anime, and I think manga, have shown pokémon of the same species with different sizes.
I've always taken the ingame height and weight to be averages. Jim's donphan might just be a very big one.
I had already forgotten Alleio had an idol as well. Though with most probably thinking to take him with them as a goat he won't have to play it on himself anytime soon.
So he picked the two crazies and the red shirt... That does not bode well for Orwell.
I liked Frost well enough, but it was time for her to go. Her powers would have taken much excitement out of the challenges, now the competition is more equal. (Luna could probably do the same or even more, but at least she knows to check herself)
Critic was against Frost from the start and he knows this is the best chance they will get in a while to take her out, flipping him shouldn't be too hard, though he'll have his own alliance's majority to think about as well.
I did not see that coming. Hash had something to hide, that was clear, but I didn't expected this.

Small fault in Orwell's logic though. Just because someone hasn't had a date/girlfriend before doesn't mean it is impossible to tell when a girl is faking interest in a guy.
Critic isn't even hiding he is throwing the challenge. Not that Frost didn't knew already though.
Despite Frost being an overpowered and dominating character, though more likable than Enter, it gave me a good chuckle to see Tapioca flung pole and all over the line.
September 1st, 2014
I saw both Bar'd and Hummingbird's updated and the new banner for Hummingbirds so I expected a joke, but it was done better than I thought. Well played.
Do they even realize G'rilara is a sentient player and not a burden played on them by the producers?
She seems a little panicked, with reason, in that second to last panel when locking eyes with Alleio.
How Alleio survived this without playing his idol is a mystery to me. And an adult pony without cutie mark? No wonder he is unhinged.
It was already speculated that Alleio would be the one with shady motives, but this was more than I expected.
I like how his balloons are slightly askew, showing just how unhinged he actually is.
Normally I'm against disturbing another player in challenges like this, but Frost is being too dominant in the challenges. Luna might be able to beat her in some of those things but at least she knows to tone it down.
Also, points to Orwell for the way he did it ;)
I'm hoping Arnold goes. His insistence to keep Grilara, while good for him, hurts the tribe as a whole more. This way they'll have to keep eating themselves till the merge.
To everyone discussing who is going to leave, isn't it obvious?
Orwell is going to be pulled after being burned alive, just look at that flame!
(Doubt it. Just hoping D.O.T. won't be the one going.)
I actually want to know even more now XD