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After a long time of a computer-less existence, I'm Back~
It's from the "Book of Enoch" (Enoch, great-grandfather of Noah and son of Jared)
It's said that it was written between the old and new testaments. Copies of it have been found among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Also there are churches (like the Roman Church) that do not consider it (and other books), same for bible versions.

And already answering any probably future question, I'm not Catholic, Protestant, Jewish nor anything, I'm not even a baptized person xD But I do believe in God, or how you choose to call =)
Page 08 finally here o/
And I'm finally back from travelling
I went to see my father, 700km from here xD

I hate the painels that Syrius Appear
And he's the main char o.o

Anyway, besides the first and last painel, I kinda liked this page =)
Nah, actually it's just artist's lack of ability, and it happens that she is myself
Filler and People Spoiler xD
Some guys that will appear, 3 of them not very soon =X

It's more because this Christmas week is going to be a full one, like the past ones. And at this weekend I'm traveling to visit my father for a few weeks =)

Go see it at my dA for a bigger image (and their names if you are too curious =X )
"How are you feeling"

As great as someone who just lost the arm, felt, and so on, can be =D


Just loved Ezekiel's Face. Can't explain, just loved o.o
2 Page update
I wasn't Expecting to finish this page so soon xD

So, there's a comment on the last page too =X

Didn't I Said some were to Appear soon? xD

She's at the top-left corner on last page, and I Damn like her very much.
Thanks people, and Thanks a lot rojokrow, who gave me a help with English on the past pages =D

Who those people could be? o__o"
Ok, I'll stop that, but most of them will appear soon~

purrplekat1989 - I loved your image xD
Came here now just to put this page on

I think that was painful o___o"
But I just damn love his face xD

I'll tell about the girl next page =X
Thank you for the Note, English isn't my first language, so I appreciate when people help ^^ (instead of Screaming around that it's terrible -__-"" )
WolfsNeverDie - Thank you Very much ^^

This page was to be easy and fast, but took me almost whole day.
Still, I kind of liked it xD
I was supposed to finish that page yesterday, but I just went to see a movie, Again, and yesterday I spent the day away, so, finished it today

Too much talk, and My BGs sucks x___x
We are Back o/
I've been almost the whole year without computer x___x

I hope the English is all ok, I'm doing it by myself.

Over-chibies this page, I know, but won't happen to much, you know.
The last two painels got bigger than I wanted -____-"

And I'm looking to easy and faster ways of making it =3
Damn, this page's Great, Made my day xD
Thank you very much =D
Firs Chapter, First Page o/

Terrible, My BG Really Sucks xD

Anyway, here we are
February 26th, 2008
2 Pages Update!
There are 2 (TWO) new pages

Those pages Sucks, and they are Damn old xD
I finnaly put the Screen tones on the second one and the english is finnaly reviewd ^^

On those two pages the only thing I like is Fist painel of previous page xD

Now here we are with updates again =3
Chapter 1 - Payment
Ok, now that's REALLY all for today
Because the next page isn't ready xD

I love this char very much <3

Well, when I get back of School I'm, going to finish the page and the ones from Moon Tales too, just waiting the pages from Frozen Hope being reviewd and I'm putting then =3

Maybe I even Start a Layout ^^

And as always, Thank you veeeeery much for the Comment =D

Gem_Stone, It's your fault me posting this cover now xD
Shoot me xD

I did this Cover before any page
Not exactly happy with it, but presentable at least. I think o.o"

Thank you very very much for every comment, They really help me being motivated for more pages =D
And please rate too ^^

I dunno if I post chapter one cover before going to school or only when I have the next page ready o.o
if can't get it, read all way down and then the big one

and back to our page coloring style whatever

I liked his face on last painel, he's cute <3

well, I liked second painel too xD
Ok, I just didin't liked first.

And that's the end of our introduction o/

Almost finished chapter one page yesterday but my grandmother didn't let me -___-"


forgot to say!
It's supposed to him to be over a bed!
But I know it's impossible to recognize xD
I know I said I wouldn't post more pages today, but I HAD to xD

Now there's only one page left
I'm going to do more pages today

And I can't forget one thing!
I made this whole page in a diferent way because I wanted a wallpaper of it
and here it is -

Thank you so so sooo much for commenting, You have no idea how I fell better with people commenting =D

not happy with last painel by the way