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D: He's so sexy! And evil?! Good combo, I approve.
October 8th, 2012
Kinda reminds me of how I met my husband to be truthful, except it was more like: Internet relationship for like 5 years, finally meet him in person and don't remember what he looks like, but spots him. I sorta ran at him and tackled him >.>
I can't get enough of this comic <3
@kangel: This is a beautifully awesome comic. I have spammed this comic all over the place for people to read. They should read this glorious thing. Adding as a fave (sorta like stalking for updates >.> No pressure though.)
Am I the only one that loves charmeleons?????? That's a sad thought.
@H0lyhandgrenade: It's so true. My friend bites me all the time, and I punch her in the head :D

It's a love-hate relationship most of the time.
Ugh. The feels...... Omg.
Haha oh man. I'm worried about dragonthing though :(
I couldn't agree more my fine fellow.
Agreed. I have been following this comic from the beginning. Whatever is easiest for the artist is what should be done. I voted for penciled pages myself, since I find it to be easier than inking them.
Why does she have to be so sexy and scary at the same time! Gah.
Mr. Watts looks so paniced, its kind of funny.
I don't usually comment, but since you asked...
I love this comic :3 <3
OMIGOSH!! <3 I just totally fangirl squealed when I saw that and woke up my friend next to me XD
- A - I hope Eric kicks her ass.
She admitted she only had one bullet... How is she gonna protect herself from all these angry vampires...? >:D
O___O I just cried. DAMNIT!
Ohhh snap, she's losing control :S Who will step in to stop the madness???
i kinda wish Addy had gotten off his ass to do it himself >.> so heartless it seems.