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I liek gay sterff.

That is what you should know about me, firstand foremost.

Secondly, I'm a writer who pretends to be an artist. I can think of any storyline imaginable, but to draw it is a lot of work.

Then again, I'm a habitual lier, so this could all be fake.
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I'm going to sit here and stare at the screen until MTCPT updates again. I refuse to move until I see the next page. *gluedtoscreen*
Hooemgeeee this just made my night; it's witty, but you know what the jokes are gonna be, and it doesn't make them any less funny. And Jock's facial expressions remind me fondly of Flapjack.. xD

I'm in love with this, and will probably draw fanart soon. Sanders and Jock are just.. fantastic xD I anxiously await the net page!
Yay early page! I'm wondering where this going... >D

Aaaaand comment-virginity~~
I would so buy it... If I had cash xD

Secondly... this just occured to me.. But Klaus has a shirt like Phinease from Phineas and Ferb... 0.0 *issuchatard*
I'm sad
I was mostly looking forward to more about Eez and Zee xD But I get it. And I think this is a great idea. I'm going to increase my stalking of you -both here and on dA- and I can't wait to see more from you.

You're one of my favorite artists of like, all time. I'll follow you and your art across the internet =^^=

And now I sound like a total stalker, which I promise I'm not. So I'm just gonna go now.
March 19th, 2011
My friend...
VenturesofJoJo's got it right! HOT PIZZA... I sense some vomitting and more freaking out on Razputin's part...

I remember when Cloe first came up in my Recommendations, and I wasn't interested at all xD But then a year or so later I gave it a shot and wasn't displeased. I've got to say Ed is my favroite, followed by Liam, followed by a tie between Henry and Richard xD

Ed and Liam remind me of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, respectively. Always have, and probably always will.

My favorite chapter is probably Chapter 9; I loved Henry and Richard to death; and while I wish we could've seen more of their future, I do appreciate being able to remember them as at least a happy pair.

Honestly, one of my favorite comics on here, and if I could I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'm sad it's over, and I'll miss seeing it in my update list, but I can't wait to see more from you, so I can obsssively fave them and seldom comment beacuse I'm a terrible fan xD

♥ Until next time~
I've been dreading this moment. The final pages 0.0

When Cloe Remembrance was first posted I remember (ha) thinking it wasn't something I was going to like, so I didn't get into it. But later I found it again and I couldn't stop.

I never expected the story to turn to their older selves. I thought it would end after when they were kids. I love older Liam and his manly self, and Ed's girlish lithe body.

I'm going to be so sad when this ends; it'll be the fourth comic on here that I absolutely loved and I'll be sure to revisit it often.

Now, let's get this show on the road! <3
Mark's cutesy "Aw, well I guess maybe," face is ADORABLE ♥♥
January 22nd, 2011
I stalked you so much on dA it's hard to forget about her--


For some reason, whenever I read this, I always wanna listen to Avenue Q...
If you can tell me what yhe slightly edited title of this page is from I will loe you forever.

I tried to do what every artist does and make their characters trapped in a box. Ninaogfnuk and Lucid have done it, I thought, so why can't I?

Because I suck. That's why. My box is horrible. I suck.

As you've seen from the cover, and as you're sure to see in the comic, Micah has green hair -thought the scanenr I used makes it look more blue TT^TT.

Anyway, this ws him before the flamboyantclothes, shades, weirdness, and green ahir :d

I like this alot. But it bugs me, because sometimes my art is super great, like this, and sometimes, it's suck dick. Like usual -_-

It's OK. But I still Don't like thia page much either -_-

And now I'm out of pre-made pages cuz I suck :D
I hate this page so much >3<#
Say Hallo
:3 This is Micah.

He wants to be your frieeeeeend
The Page Title says it all
:D He's so koot

These were words I missed on my spelling test so I enlisted Lyle and his scarves to assist me :3
January 8th, 2011
man powers?
I'm not sure Rasputin knows the meaning of the word "man"...

I agree with sakurasaki! I would totally buy this >3<
The more the merrier!

Ergh, I'm jealous of your art >3< So.. awesome.